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What is Date Shape?

Getting into DateShape is a journey. How does a single get in shape to date, you ask? The first step is learning to be happy with you, emotionally and physically. Enjoying your life as a single, having a positive vibe and being you, is DateShape. Then, you feel and look your best for great first dates. 

The magic happens @DateShape. DateShape isn't just a mindset. It's a studio where singles are interviewed for connecting, coached for dating, and mingle and connect at events. DateShape allows for a singles community to embrace and meet other singles to lift each other up. Connections are made @DateShape during events, classes, and workshops.

For the body, Pilates, yoga, weights, and meditation are offered @DateShape.  When you feel good about your, it shows on your dates. Singles are coached physically and emotionally, mind and body. Being single can be emotional for many, and finding a place of peace and gaining mindfulness is valuable in connecting on dates.

When we practice mindfulness, we add many benefits to our lives: we lower our stress levels, we get to know our pain, we connect better with other singles, and we are kinder to ourselves, which assists in being at peace and happy on dates. 

Getting into DateShape is a journey. Singles are coached and counseled in self-discovery to create the right vibe on great first dates to find a true connection.





I have been an athlete since age 7. I played sports and led a disciplined lifestyle of athletics and competition. I started swimming competitively at age 7, playing field hockey and Lacrosse during middle school, until my freshman year at UMD.

I have taught fitness classes since 1996. I started teaching spin in 1998 and was a triathlete for many years. I competed in the Sprint Series in Claremont, Florida in early 2000 and placed 2nd overall for my age group.

I became certified in yoga in 1998 because my body was beat up from triathlon training. I taught Power Vinyasa Flow for more than a decade and personally practiced Ashtanga and Bikram for years. Now my style is a gentle to intermediate flow, incorporating deep stretching and contraction to be in DateShape. I can always kick a Power Flow if the mood strikes me.

For many years, as a certified personal trainer in Florida, I utilized my expertise to help others get in shape. Having lifted weights all my life since age 12.  I also taught spinning for 15 years in Houston and in Florida. Shortly thereafter, I began teaching Pilates in 2010, on mat and now in Chair Pilates. I became certified in Pop Pilates in 2016, adding movement and cardio to my Mat Workout.


I finally added meditation to my resume in 2019 to become mindful and to lead with kindness and empathy to help singles with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety that being single can create.  I have learned to be my own compassionate friend and want to coach my singles to be present and offer themselves self-compassion as a tool to get through tough times in their dating life. We all have tough times. Learning to acknowledge sadness is key. With self-compassion, you lift yourself up like you would a good friend. I can't hand hold my clients, and when they're not at @DateShape for coaching, I teach them to be self-aware and positive.

With my athletic background and many certifications, I have developed a workout that consists of Mat Pilates, Chair Pilates, weights, yoga, and meditation. I can tailor workouts based on my clients' physical and emotional goals, mind and body.

I was a communications and public speaking major at UMD College Park in 1994. I worked for "It's Just Lunch" for 15 years as a matchmaker and lead recruiter for the Elite Division. Elite members paid up to $12,000 for their membership. I found candidates for the paying client at IJL. 10 to 20 candidates a month for many years. I finally began my own business from grassroots because I was saddened by hearing singles come back from IJL unsatisfied and unmatched. My guarantee to singles is that I will never pressure or take advantage of singles. I want to help and will always lead with kindness and compassion.

Champion Connection started in November 2018, and I opened DateShape in February 2020. DateShape is a mental and physical state of strength, peace, happiness, and self-love. Get in shape to date successfully @DateShape.

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