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The Dating Game @DateShape


The Dating Game @DateShape in October was unreal. How it all came together is mind blowing. I am still in Awh. It was a total collab with Clients, Candidates, DateShape friends and supporters. I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help. It was a movement of kindness and artistry from many. Not to mention, everyone likes to be a Matchmaker. I have built my business on that reality. Spreading love and being a Connector is so rewarding and I am thankful everyday that I do what I love and help singles find connections. I do my best.

Because most people like to play Matchmaker, The Dating Game was suggested to me many times over the past 15 plus years. I always loved the idea. I remember watching the original show. I hope that your math is weak. 😉

So, it all became real one night on the phone with a friend and Candidate. The Dating Game came up and the rest was history. @DateShape was the perfect venue and is what made it all possible. I am still not sure how we did it but I wasn’t alone.

Joe Watson, aka Buffalo Joe, made DateShape look like a legit theater. Joe is an Explorer, RealEstate Developer, client and dear friend. He was incredible. We had a stage and lots of cameras. Joe has given specific instructions for mics and stage placement for next show in February. We have a little stage work to do. Again, we did amazing but with Joe’s directorial guidance, we will be ready and on mic for Febuary 11, 2022.

My girl Mara was off the charts incredible as hostess with the absolute mostest. She rocked it and quite frankly made the show special. She is quick, smart, a natural, so cute and funny. Also, sexy and beautiful. She couldn’t have done a better job. We still laugh about my direction before the show, “just do your best”. And that she did. I can’t stop smiling typing this. She is a star for sure. 💫

My client, Di, brought the liquor. Yes, brought. That was so cool. She owns a liquor store and acually delivered the liquor and helped me set up. A little angle, seriously. That saved me so much time and energy. Did I mention that she helped me set up? I am touched by people who gave thier time, energy and provide true kindness to help pull off this event and others.

JennyOnTheGo365, created the most delicous Charcuterie Table EVER. She is so fun and talented. I adore her. We had the best time at Phoenicia shopping. She will work within your budget to create a spread. She is very detailed and knows how to make it all come together.

My old pal, John @bartending2u was a gift from above. The story of how we were connnected again after 10 plus years is so great. Total fluke. I needed a bartender and called Bartending2U not knowing it was John’s company. To say the least, he was hired and ended up saving the night. His bartenders rocked beyond, so cool, sweet and hard working. They had to jump in and kinda be part of the show on a whim. They did it with a smile and as cute as could be. They are already signed for Febuary and their part is growing on the show. Stay tuned.

John also saved the day with his TV skills. There was this little game called the playoffs with yours truly, The Astros. They were playing the night of the show AND it was game 7. Yep. 🙌

So, we needed a TV. John brought his and set it up because I don’t even watch TV, no clue. It was a bit of a fiasco but John with his positive attitute and non stop energy got it done. If I recall, he was fussing with Hulu minutes before the doors open. I vaguely remember sweat beads. Again, incredible.

I have to say, there was sweat, but no tears and all laughs. This group pulled together and did it with bells on. Thank you so much to the Contestants. One Contestant, was a last minute sub because of the game. Again, we pulled together @DateShape.

There were 8 singles who braved the stage and opened up about what being single looks like for them. The revealed their wants in a connection and “Must Haves”. It was truly a front row peek for the audience to experience Matchmaking. These giving singles, must trust me because they said yes to being a contestant when approached and offered. Thank you to 8 awesome singles.

Once everyone was on board, we FREESTYLED IT and brought it all to the stage. It was a blast. The 2 connected couples enjoyed drinks and apps on Federal Grill and Capital Grille. Friendships were made and lots of laughs were shared. The audience participation was huge and next time we want even more. I have a few clients designated to front row who I know will not be shy with interaction and comments. That is what we want for the next show. More fun, entertainment, laughs and of course love.

We have so many ideas for DateShape Live and the “entertainment factor” is the focus. Don’t worry Joe, we will use the mics and stay in our boxes. Please keep your ideas coming and look for more to come on DateShape Live in February. It will be an event you don’t want to miss. Who knows, you may even be a Contestant. DM if interested in being a Contestant. Interviews have started @DateShape ♥️


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