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Girls Night Out

The ladies took March. When lockdown lifted, I had a shift in my clients base. Women came out of the gates first ready to date. The women took March in being proactive in their dating lives. I had new clients and mostly females.

Singles were craving fun and wanted to get out and date. It wasn't so much about the exact match as it was wanting human interaction and fun. Singles had experienced a shift in their "Must Haves" and wants had lessened. It was now about fun and being out socially with good people and embracing friendship with the hope for more. It was cool.

Since I am a recruiter for singles, I make an awesome Wingwoman. I was with IJL for 15 years and 10 of those was as the lead Recruiter for the Elite Division. I found and recruited single in Houston for 10 years and I have no shame when it comes to recruiting. More on that to come.

My ladies deserved a night out and I put on my recruiting hat and we hit Armandos. It was so much fun and they showed me how it's done. Lots of laughs, dancing and cocktails. We had a blast. I walked away with a few new potential male Candidates and my ladies had a great time getting to know each other. Date Shape is about connecting singles and sometimes that means new friends.


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