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Emerge Gala

One day a beautiful Princess named Jenny called me. She was looking for a Prince. I interviewed this lovely young lady and we began our journey together.

I fell in love with her story of coming to TX as a Refugee from Rwanda with her family. She told me their struggles of survival in the Refugee camp in Rwanda and her hustle to make it in America and how she became a successful chef. Her company is Jenny On The Go and boy is she on the go. She is a hustler and I adore her.

We became friends and I am now a lifetime Sponsor for her incredible organization Emerge. She is truly a force and I am thankful to be a part of her story.

The Emerge Gala was truly a beautiful event and produced such fabulous memories for me and DateShape clients. I was moved to purchase a Mandela painting at the auction by local artist and now friend, Ange Hillz. He proudly hangs in DateShpae today.

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