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Similar to previous installments of Madden, Madden 24 introduces Madden 24 Coins as the primary currency required to play the game. In contrast to previous versions, Madden 24 does not offer in-game purchases for coins, meaning players must earn them through various methods. To accumulate wealth quickly in Madden 24, follow the recommended method below.

Why are coins necessary in Madden 24?

Madden 24 coins are essential for constructing your NFL team from scratch. These coins enable you to purchase player cards, MUT packs, and other in-game items. Player cards provide valuable additions to your team, making a substantial coin reserve crucial for building a strong NFL team.

How to earn coins rapidly?

Madden 24 offers several efficient ways to earn coins quickly, each requiring a different approach. Here are some proven methods that can yield a significant number of coins in a short period.


Completing challenges in Madden 24 brings numerous benefits. Not only do you earn coins, but you also level up your skills simultaneously. Each challenge presents a unique objective to accomplish, with varying difficulty levels available. You can opt for high-difficulty challenges to maximize coin rewards or low-difficulty challenges for quicker completion. Starting with easy challenges and progressively tackling harder ones after leveling up your skills is a useful strategy.

Solo Battles

Solo battles serve as an excellent means to earn coins in Madden 24, particularly for beginners. This offline game mode allows you to play against AI opponents, making it less challenging. Beginners can engage in solo battles without worrying about their skill level. By consistently participating in solo battles, you can accumulate a substantial amount of coins. Additionally, as you improve and enhance your skills, you can increase the difficulty level to face more skilled opponents. Higher difficulty levels result in greater coin rewards based on your battle score. To maximize coin earnings from solo battles, focus on increasing your battle score and ranking. Higher ranks yield more coins. Even if you don't emerge victorious, you will still earn coins and experience points, although winning grants more rewards. If you find yourself losing too frequently, start with easier solo battles.

Auction House

The auction house allows you to auction off Madden 24 items and sell them to the highest bidder in exchange for coins. You can sell player cards and various other items. Regularly check the auction house to take full advantage of this method. Auction your items when they are in high demand. Another tactic is to become a trader by purchasing player cards at low prices and waiting for the opportune moment to sell them at higher prices. Furthermore, you can acquire tradable items and cards from the market using real money and sell them on the auction house. If you purchase an item in high demand, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Live Events

Madden 24 periodically offers live events where you can earn a substantial amount of Madden coins. These events feature challenges and objectives that must be completed to receive rewards. Stay vigilant for new events within the game and make sure not to miss them.

Level up the Season Pass

The introduction of the field pass in last year's Madden games was met with great enthusiasm for various reasons. This year's field pass consists of sixty-one levels, and reaching each new level grants rewards, including experience points, items, and coins. If you desire a large number of coins, focus on leveling up the field pass as quickly as possible. If you prefer not to grind, you can expedite the leveling process by spending money from MMOexp.

Daily Login

Daily login rewards are available in Madden 24, offering player cards, coins, and other items to those who log in regularly. Make a habit of logging in daily to earn these Buy Mut Coins Madden 24. Avoid skipping a day, as it will reset your progress. The more consecutive days you log in, the higher your chances of earning substantial rewards.

Sell Sets

In situations where even high-level items fail to sell at a desirable price, selling sets becomes a viable option. You can create sets by combining high and low-level players. By adding one high overall rated player with additional players to a set, you can quickly sell it on the auction house for Madden 24 coins.


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