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Download 110 Surfing Techniques

Break it down, reassemble it correctly. This is the only way to reprogram away bad habits. I teach Chinese martial arts, have a lot of 10 year + students with bad habits that have held them back. Often, the fix is a small thing, but it is hardwired in, below the level of conscious thought. This is what is wrong with my surfing. Without a new process to focus on, I revert to (bad) instincts. Thank you

Download 110 Surfing Techniques

Me parece un estupendo programa para mejorar la tecnica y los movimientos del surfing, tanto el contenido como la app. Sencillo de seguir y muy efectivo. Traslada el surfing a tu casa, reeduca quitandote los malos habitos y transformandolos en movimientos correctos y fluidos. Justo lo que hace falta para evolucionar ese surfing estancado desde hace años o para acelerar el aprendizaje. La mejor inversion que he hecho hace tiempo. Gracias Cris!

I am a middle aged man, intermediate surfer, most basic turns. I have had the Cardboard Surfer for almost 3 weeks now, and it is now starting to make differences in my surfing! The first couple of sessions after going through the walk up was not really working for me so I had to change it slightly to my needs but now seems to work better. And as for the cardboard surfer I have performed some slides that seemed ok in the water, but , after this mornings session on one wave where I got to perform a cardboard surfer after a cardboard surfer after cardboard surfer that has me smiling hours later and had the comments coming in from friends that have noticed a difference in my surfing, Yew!

Half the problem is understanding what those bad habits are and how that limits your ability to improve. I watched and practiced the cardboard surfer program numerous times and was able to pick up a lot of useful practical tips, techniques and advice that translated into a direct improvement in my surfing (whilst really understanding what I was doing wrong). Highly recommend the good straightforward professional advice and explanations that this program provides. Surfing like most sports needs repetition to improve technique the develop correct muscle memory.

I am at the beginning of my surfing journey. And I took this program for one thing: to speed up my progress. It helps so much to form good habits and focus on the fundamentals. And that greatly simplifies the vision of surfing. It shows that Cris is really keen to give the clearest and fairest advice possible. It is not only a question of learning to slide on a cardboard, but of understanding the basic mechanics which govern a good and stylish surf. After following this program, we immediately spot what is wrong when we see others surfing. It is really a chance to have access to this today! Thanks man !

GAME CHANGER!!! I considered myself a decent high level intermediate/advanced surfer but the basic principals taught in cardboard Surfer have massively improved my surfing. Love the app. Top work my friend.

Hey Cris, my name is Chris Campbell. The program is excellent and has really helped every aspect of my surfing. Specifically, the Cardboard Surfer helped me surf faster. So yes I am a customer. But I am also an exercise physiologist. Because of my profession, I can really appreciate your expertise. You are incredibly good at what you are doing as a surf strength coach. I just wanted you to know that. Hang in there, man. These are tough times. My wife and I are really struggling too. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

The program is well put together. It starts with reviewing core concepts before moving onto drills. The program is broken down into a series of lessons that all build off of each other. After 2 weeks of doing the program I began noticing a difference in my surfing. Although I do not do the cardboard drills as often as I should anymore, my turns feel better and my ability to maintain control while popping up has increased significantly.

The content and products are great. I have been utilizing many of the programs and have truly benefited from these great resources. Since first watching the programs on youtube and now investing in the product, I have noticed that my surfing has improved, my body mechanics have improved and I have improved mobility even when I am not surfing. I have so much to learn but am stoked to keep learning as much as I can through these programs. Thanks again.

After doing this program I was able to improve my surfing quite a bit. Cris really breaks down the movements and explained how to use your body movement in a way that I had never heard in any of the camps/classes I had taken before. I would highly recommend any beginners to get this so they can learn good technique from the start and not develop too many bad habits.

Before the Cardboard Surfer program, I had not progressed in years. My surfing was slow. I felt like I was always struggling to get speed. Through the Cardboard Surfer program, Cris and Clayton opened my eyes to how to generate more speed on a wave. Then they showed me a simple and effective way to practice and repeat it at home. Not only am I surfing faster now, but my style has improved and I am able to do more maneuvers with the speed that I am generating. Surfing has become way more fun. My surfing has gone from dull and lifeless, to fast and lively. Get this program if you want to surf faster and with better style.

I am only halfway through the class, and it already positively impacted my surfing. The way Cris breaks down the walk-up process has been so helpful, the cardboard pumping is great too. Loving it so far!

I only recently started surfing at the ripe old age of 42!!!. At first I did all the usual searches on the internet and YouTube firstly on how to pop-up etc and then how to generate speed and turn etc. I watched all the videos over and over only to be left confused. Once I found the Cardboard Surfer program all that confusion was replaced with a well thought out plan that just made sense due to the way the body naturally moves. My surfing has improved so much over the last couple of months as I took the time to understand the movements and more importantly practiced them on a continual basis. This is a fantastic program that will improve your surfing no doubt.

At first I thought What the heck? a Cardboard Surfboard? But after doing the exercises from the program I really understood the benefits from it. I really improved my techniques with the coffee cup moves and most of all, getting speed down the line with the cardboard deck. This training is a must!!! Way to go Cris!!

This program identifies correct techniques & required posture to change & improve your wave count by effective body movements. This program can reverse years of poor technique and muscle memory, this needs to be matched with time in the water . Thanks .

The program includes great step by step guidelines on how to improve surfing technique. After a bit of practice, it is easy to add these techniques to actual surfing and I definitely benefited from it.

It changes my mind and the way I feel and understand surfing, been a surfer down the deep south part of Chile, with almost not surf culture around. Makes you to do a lot of mistakes and with the cardboard surfer I realizes a lot of them.

I loved this program. It made me realize how I was basically doing absolutely everything wrong. Everything is broken down into small movements that translates into a fluid progression. It has progressed my surfing to a point where I no longer look like a kook.

The cardboard surfer program provides great exercises and insights into how surfing in the water should feel. It gives many exercises to practice at home (without looking like a kook to everyone) and to get a better feel for the board (and your own body). Cris and Clayton are very insightful and following them has helped me progress my surfing significantly.

Having an engineering degree, Alex got busy bringing this solution to life. He has created the first prototype and together with Dmitri, they began surfing non-stop and testing it. This is how the first electric fin was born.

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