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Uncompromising, clear and functional lines meet timeless and sporty elegance in Porsche Design glasses, making you feel as if you were driving across the country in the Porsche 911 Cabrio and letting your hair blow in the wind. Away from the transient world of fashion, the brand designs glasses and sunglasses frames with flair, inspired by trends but not driven by them. This fact is also reflected in the choice of materials. Resistant and carefully crafted at the same time, the Porsche Design manufacturers accept nothing but the highest Porsche Design standards.

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Behind the Porsche design brand is a truly turbulent history that began in 1972 as a direct reaction to the systematic booting out of all Porsche family members as decision-makers at the Swabian sports car and engine manufacturer. Founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, son of Ferry Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and cousin of Ferdinand Piëch, initially set up the early structures in his native Baden-Württemberg before the label set off in 1974 to settle at the then brand-new company headquarters in Zell am See, Austria.

In the years that followed, the label established itself in competitive markets to such an extent that its success no longer went unnoticed, and Porsche Design was now playing in the concert of the greats. Nevertheless, against the background of this illustrious history, it is and remains a small miracle that F.A. Porsche AG sold shares in its previously independent designer label to a Porsche subsidiary in 2003. However, it is possible that the Porsche family's life's work was always aimed at bringing what is probably the most complicated chapter in the brand's history to a harmonious conclusion, in order to finally close the circle in the form of an economic connection.

The focus of the minimalist Porsche Design eyewear models is clearly on the workmanship, the details and the material. That's why the Porsche Design eyewear designers only use the best of the best. Apart from titanium, high-quality metal and plastics of the highest quality, there are no other unexpected materials.

If you're looking to buy Porsche Design eyeglasses online, then you've come to the right place. In our online shop we offer all the top eyewear brands including Porsche Design, Furla, Jaguar and Rodenstock. FREE shipping and FREE returns within 30 days as well as multiple payment methods makes shopping with us even easier. To choose the perfect pair of glasses to suit you, simply use our 3D Virtual Try-On or order the frame without prescription lenses for at-home try-on. You can then order prescription lenses in a later step, either by sending the frame back to us for glazing or to your local optician. So what are you waiting for? Order your favourite pair of Porsche Design glasses and get ready to SEE AND BE SEEN!

Altium 365 is the electronics product design platform that unites PCB Design, MCAD, data management, and teamwork together like never before. Design, share, and manufacture, all in Altium Designer without changing a thing about how you already work.

Altium Designer offers a unified environment that empowers engineers with a single view of every aspect of the PCB design process including schematic, PCB layout, harness design, and documentation. By accessing every tool in one place, engineers can complete their entire design within the same intuitive environment and quickly deliver high-quality products.

Work from a single, cohesive data model for your projects that unifies your design process. Easily access and manipulate detailed data for schematics, layouts, simulations, multiboards, and harness designs rather than storing and manually syncing separate data for each element.

Never lose context and time when reviewing comments. Attach comments to an entire document or a specific object, visually highlight a problem area directly in the design, and tag people to quickly resolve issues, all without leaving your design environment or from any web browser.

Never lose important action items and easily see a high-level view of the state of your project, all without leaving your design environment. Tasks can be created and accessed from either Altium Designer or a web browser and always live within the context of your design.

Easily create a logical representation of cables for your product right in Altium Designer. Familiar schematic editing and library management tools allow you to design harness connectivity and source parts without needing any additional software.

Easily work together with your mechanical team, and forget about the days of swapping design files. Every design change stays in sync between Altium Designer and SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Fusion 360, or Siemens NX*.

Make the best part choices at design time with an intelligent platform that brings together schematic symbols and PCB footprints, lifecycle status, and supply chain planning in one centralized location.

Efficiently explore an optimal layout with intuitive board planning technology. Native 3D support, layer stack management, and high-end controls including etch factor and surface roughness models give you all the power you need in a single design space.

Rapidly verify connectivity and design flexible circuitry for multi-board setups with product-level wiring, mating, and Native 3D. A clear definition of flex zones and bending lines makes it easy to verify fit for Rigid-Flex designs.

Expertly design high-speed electronics with a powerful tuning engine. Includes advanced pattern support, an EM solver for accurate propagation delay, impedance extraction, and Easy HDI structure integration.

Integrate non-planar electronic designs into your Altium Designer projects with 3D routing. A 3D PCB integrates into an Altium Designer project in the same way as a standard PCB, with components and connectivity driven by your schematic design.

Effortlessly collaborate with your mechanical designer with bi-directional data transfer between Altium Designer and your MCAD tool. Supports industry-leading MCAD suites including Solidworks, Inventor, and Creo.

Connect your team and design data together in one centralized location for easy access. A scalable platform meets the needs of growing companies, including design workspaces, project lifecycle and release management, and team collaboration.

Our digital media and entertainment products provide tools for digital sculpting, modeling, animation, effects, rendering, and compositing for design visualization, visual effects, and games production.

Anyone can order their own designs but if you want to start selling your repeated patterns on their marketplace you either have to order a fabric sample of your own pattern, alternative you can participate in any of their design competitions, placing among the top patterns will get you into the Spoonflower shop.

Graphicriver is a site where people sell different kinds of digital files like fonts, icons, logos, and also pattern designs. You can package and sell your patterns in a few ways, you can sell them as background that people can download and use for their website or products, you can also sell your patterns as textures.

You probably already visited plenty of print-on-demand shops already, on these shops artists & designers can upload their designs and start selling their designs on different products (like clothing & home decor), the store handles everything (shipping, sales, etc) and the only thing the designer has to do is upload their designs.

Applying is easy and all that they ask for is to see 3 images of your work. After you have been accepted to INPRNT you can start selling your pattern design (or other work) on art prints, device cases, and framed work

Etsy is the leading platform when it comes to sell handmade products from artists and designers, but you can also sell digital products on Etsy. So you can sell your pattern designs as a print or as a digital download for example.

Big Cartel is a online shop solution for artists & creators. Big Cartel even has a free plan (with max 5 products) or if you want more items to sell you can pay a monthly fee, depending on what your selling Big Cartel can be a great alternative to Etsy because of the much lower fees per transaction.

Jonas Welin, Swedish sculptor & designer. You can find his creative work on his Instagram (@jonas_welin).Jonas is the creator & writer for Creativehowl, sharing his own research as an artist with the readers of Creativehowl.

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CB2 is a high-design furniture and home decor store with collections ranging from contemporary pieces to rediscovered vintage icons. All crafted with premium materials and exceptional quality. CB2, in conjunction with our fellow brands Crate & Barrel and Crate & Kids, is the international destination for enduring, modern furniture, textiles and home decor. Founded in 2000, 38 years after Crate & Barrel launched, CB2's mission is to help you design covet-worthy spaces at an approachable price point. From the U.S. to Europe, CB2 merchants collaborate with more than 100 artists and designers worldwide to curate globally-inspired designs and exclusive products in every category. Show More

CB2 offers a curated collection of modern home furnishings and housewares that bring you high-quality pieces at an approachable price point. Shop for unique sofas, accent chairs and dining room furniture at our modern furniture stores or online. Plus, find unique home accessories, modern lighting, contemporary rugs, modern dinnerware sets and more as part of our robust offerings as a home store. 041b061a72


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