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Kettleworx Workout Schedule Pdf [BEST]

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Kettleworx Workout Schedule Pdf

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We have an Android app in development. Until then, you can receive alternate instructors on how to access your music by emailing REMINDER: All release materials are accessable via the web at

KettleWorX 3-dimensional movements emphasize side-to-side and rotational movements into free space with the kettlebell, working multiple muscle groups at the same time, for an effective workout in half the time.

By combining a complete cardio, core and resistance workout in each training session, KettleWorX delivers three times the benefit in one-third the time. Just 20 minutes, three times a week delivers a whole body workout - for whole body fitness in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost, of any other program.

Twenty minutes seems short because we're used to thinking about fitness machines or exercises that work only a few muscles at a time. Doing it that way, spending even ten minutes toning and firming each of your 400 muscles could easily take two hours a day! The power of KettleWorx is that every exercise is simultaneously working multiple sets of muscles. Each 20 minute KettleWorx routine effectively tones and conditions every muscle in your body! The result is a 20 minute workout with the results of a two hour workout. It's not magic - it's just amazingly efficient!

Several recent studies have shown that short, intense workouts are actually more beneficial than longer, lower intensity workouts. That's especially true for cardiovascular health. It's also true for weight loss, as intense workouts raise your body's metabolic rate, so you're constantly burning more calories - 24 hours per day! That, plus our healthy eating plan, makes KettleWorx one of the most effective programs available for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

Unlike many fitness programs, KettleWorX is designed to be an ideal, all-around fitness program for both men and women. The central theme of KettleWorX - whole body fitness routinues that combine cardio, core and resistance training - is equally important, and valuable, for both men and women. Of course men and women can choose to work with different kettlebell weights. Each can also customize their program based on a selection of complementary workouts contained in the SuperCharge DVDs. But the program as a whole is gender-neutral. Both men and women find it equally enjoyable, equally challenging and equally beneficial. It can even be enjoyed by couples working out together!

"Cardio" is short for cardiovascular and refers to aerobic exercise - exercise that is sufficient to raise your heart rate substantially. The result is improved heart and vascular health. Your breathing rate also increases because you need oxygen to burn calories - and a cardio workout burns calories faster than any other form of exercise. Aerobic exercise is the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Aerobic exercise is essential for heart health, vascular health, lung health, and has also been shown to benefit bone strength, mental acuity and disease prevention.

SuperCharge is a perfect complement to the KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution program. It's ideal for those users whose personal fitness goals include greater emphasis on achieving and maintaining ideal weight. It's also perfect for those who simply want an additional high-energy 10-minute workout, either for in-between days or in combination with the standard 20-minute workout. These routines are intense calorie burners. And by adding a short workout to in-between days you'll further boost your metabolic rate, to maintain a higher calorie burn 24/7. SuperCharge DVDs includes three unique 10-minute workouts for each...SuperCharge Upper Body, SuperCharge Lower Body & SuperCharge Core.

KettleWorX realizes that different people prefer different ways to workout. Some prefer to workout at their convenience, whether it be in their living room or a hotel room (if they are often on the road), while others prefer a group-training format at a fitness facility, to help keep them motivated.

Each person begins the KettleWorX program with their own preferences, fitness level and goals. Each body, and each person, is unique. The KettleWorX 8 Week Rapid Evolution program is designed to meet the universal needs of those seeking to become more fit, and should be used by all, as it provides the basis for any customized program. There are then a number of ways in which even this program can then be customized. First, the weight of kettlebell selected will substantially impact the strenuousness of the course. We recommend starting with a lighter kettlebell and moving up in weight only when that weight fails to provide a sufficient challenge. Also, certain individuals may elect to move at a slower pace, and will therefore take more than eight weeks to complete the entire program. It is important to move only at the pace with which you are comfortable and you should feel free to repeat a session or to go back as you feel is best. Additional customization, either during the eight week KettleWorX course, or afterwards, is available by means of the additional workouts provided. KettleWorX provides (3) three SuperCharged training sessions that can be employed based on personal preference. Those include SuperCharge Upper Body, SuperCharge Lower Body & SuperCharge Core.

Kettlebells provide a great cardio workout in part because they are simultaneously engaging nearly all the muscles in your body. The essence of kettlebell training lies in generating momentum and then perpetuating, redirecting and decelerating that momentum. Those movements more closely imitate the real life challenges we face each day - who moves in two dimensions? Plus, the rapid and extensive recruitment of many synergistic and opposing muscle groups with each kettlebell exercise explains why your heart rate increases almost immediately on beginning a kettlebell routine. Each exercise becomes the cardiovascular equivalent of a quick sprint.

And dumbbells do nothing for core fitness. Unlike a dumbbell, a kettlebell is unstable. That's a good thing, because merely picking it up triggers body instability that activates all 38 core muscles. With accelerating and decelerating movement in three dimensions, a kettlebell workout is constantly strengthening stabilizing muscles at multiple points in and around your core.

Both programs are fast, fun and effective. The combine the use of Cardio, Core and Resisitance utilizing 3-dimensional training. The two key differences are the time of the program and how it's designed. The Group Training program is pre-designed workouts to specific music tracks. Where as the 8 Week Rapid Evolution Program is 20-Minutes and is designed more as interval training. Both are equaliy effective, just different formats to fit their environment.

KettleWorX in facilty training programs are pre-designed to music. Each 30-Minute workout is designed to music tracks. As for the 8 Week Rapid Evolution programs, they have accompanying low volume background music.

Additional product and business inquiries can be sent to You can also submit your fitness related questions directly to Alex at He'll do his best to answer all questions personally.

Of course, it would really help if the exercise program I followed also had busy moms in mind and thankfully, I discovered KettleWorx. KettleWorx is a six-week workout program that promises results by exercising for only ONE HOUR PER WEEK! Now, that's the kind of time I can make!

KettleWorx is a complete home fitness program based entirely on kettlebell training. The complete KettleWorx system includes ten DVDs, training in 200 unique exercises, over 12 hours of personalized kettlebell instruction and a healthy eating guide. The KettleWorx program results in a remarkable body transformation after just six weeks, and requires only three 20-minute workouts per week.

I followed this program for four weeks without missing a week. I found that it was actually fairly easy to fit in the 20-minute workout while my daughter was napping. I tried to stick to the schedule of working out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and performing the Core, Cardio and Resistance exercises on each of those days, respectively. Sometimes, when things would get a little hectic and I couldn't find the time to work out, I would move my exercise to the next day. What was great about this program, was that it was so flexible! I only had to exercise three days a week and so I had another four days to make sure that I got those workouts in.

The videos also progress along with you so that you are not doing the same old exercises and watching the same old moves day after day. I know that personally, when I use a video too often, I start to zone out on the video and don't get the maximum results from my workout. This isn't the case with the KettleWorx system. You actually have six different core workouts, six different cardio workouts and six different resistance workouts, coordinated to each week of the program. Granted, there are many moves that get used repeatedly, but every week seemed to have a few moves that were new. I liked this and really felt that I was progressing using this system.

I really liked Ryan in the video too. He didn't talk too much or was too chipper or cheery, and he kept me motivated by reminding me when things got difficult that I could do this and that I would be looking better and feeling better in no time. I honestly did progress and see changes with every workout! Every day that I popped in the DVD, I noticed that I could do those same exercises better than I did the time before. I noticed that I was stronger and my balance was better too.


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