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Buy Wigs Online

Shop all wigs, hairpieces and hair toppers at and SAVE 30% - 70% OFF all human hair wigs, lace front wigs and much more. Find styles by your favorite brands like Raquel Welch, Jon Renau, Ellen Wille, Rene of Paris and many more.

buy wigs online

Our selection is curated with everything you need to buy wigs online, of which you can be proud to use again and again. Let Divatress keep you in trend with all the latest styles and shades so you can always look and feel your best.

Change your look... it's all up to you with diva-approved styles by your side. Be the glam diva of your dreams. Sexy. Chic. Stunning. We have wigs for sale online with powerful style. This is not your ordinary online wig store - create extraordinary looks for a beauty that's all your own. Isn't that what being a true Divatress diva is all about?

Wigs: With wigs that run the gamut of synthetic and real human hair, you'll love the full, lush looks of a wig in the style and color of your choice. It's the perfect way to change your look in an instant - to become an icon of fabulous style.

Lace Front Wigs: These cover your natural hair line in a way that looks flawlessly real. With so many styles of lace front wigs from which to choose, don't hesitate to ask one of our consultants for assistance with any of our top brands.

Remy Hair: Remy is one of the highest-quality human hair extensions brands you can buy from an online wig store. Easy to maintain, this extension can also be dyed, washed and styled to make your ultimate hair goddess dreams come true. The options are limitless on how you want to rock your Remy hair extensions.

Divatress also has a wide selection of hair care products and beauty goodies to fit your entire look. We offer a full line of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair color and nourishing hair oils. Our cosmetics will allow the makeup looks you create to shine. We even have eyebrow products, faux lashes and nail care. Divatress is a full-service beauty lovers' palace where shopping online will feel like a dream.

When you shop Divatress for the best wigs online, you're not only getting a stunning selection of top-notch wigs, but we routinely update our inventory with items that will delight and surprise you. Be the beautiful diva you know you are with Divatress. View our collection of wigs, hair care and beauty products for all your diva desires now - or click here to learn more.

Buying wigs online can feel a bit like the Wild West sometimes. First, you have to figure out what you want from the wide array of shades, cuts, and styles that exist. Then, you have to navigate the overwhelming amount of wig brands to ensure you can get the unit you want. But this list of online wig retailers can help make the process easier.

She also warns against prices that seem too low for the quality of hair advertised. "Prices that seem too good to be true need to be researched heavily," she shares. "There are a lot of wigs that claim to be made with human hair that are actually made with a blend [which includes] synthetic hair, which can often result in a lower price."

The synthetic wig world has evolved immensely in the past few years, offering more realistic-looking lace frontals and colorful units, and Bobbi Boss is the brand that's got 'em. You can find units in practically all lengths, textures, and colors from the brand, like this "Yara" unit, available in blue, purple, and black shades. They even have wigs crafted to look like protective styles.

If you're looking for virgin human hair textures available in 1B (a natural brown hue) or blonde colors, then Mayvenn Hair is for you. The brand's wigs are available in a variety of textures (kinky straight, straight, body wave, and more), in lengths ranging from 16 to 24 inches. Prices start at $160 and go all the way to $320, depending on the texture and length of the unit. The Black-owned hair brand also sells bundles, frontals, and closures, in addition to offering styling services, so that customers don't have to worry about installing the units themselves.

If you're a wig devotee, then you've probably heard about RPG Show, which is known for its lace frontals and closures made with human hair. Hairstylist Kahh Spence, who has worked with the brand in the past, says that it's one of his go-to sources to get wigs for his clients like Kehlani and Jhene Aiko. "I love RPG Show because they're a blend of affordability with luxuriousness," he shares. "The quality of the lace is unmatched in comparison to many other companies on the market."

On the site, you can find headband, U-part, and lace-front wigs starting at $319 in straight, curly, kinky straight, or wavy textures. The brand has a selection of what it calls "fitness wigs", which are basically headband wigs that are designed to be worn while you work out. They're comfortable and breathable so you can sweat without worrying about your lace lifting. There's also a range of colors you can choose from whether you want more natural hues like the brown Kinky Straight Natural Hair (shown above) or something more comfortable like the burgundy ombré Glamorous Wine unit.

Shop Virgin XOXO is known for selling bundles and frontals, but the brand also offers wigs as well. Currently, there are three styles available in straight, loose wave, and deep wave textures. Each wig has a 13 x 6 lace frontal so that you can have all the parting space you desire. The hairlines come pre-plucked to make installation easier, and since they are made of human hair, you can bleach and dye as you please. The units are available in short bobs starting at 10 inches or super long hair with the max length of 28 inches.

Spence recommends Black-owned brand True Indian Hair, especially if you're looking to reuse or color your unit. He says the wigs are a great investment, and the word investment is key, because they are pricey. The cheapest offerings are silk-top closures which can range from $200 to $250. If you're looking for a lace-front, prepare to spend at least $350 for the shorter bobs, which start at 10 inches and as much as $1350 for lengths up to 30 inches. There are also six different textures available: straight, kinky straight, wavy, and curly options, which can be constructed into lace frontals or glueless units.

Black-owned brand Hair So Fab has a selection of units available in brown, black, and blonde shades. You can choose between short 10-inch bobs that start at $130 or embrace all the inches with a 28-inch wig that can cost $700. Since these human hair wigs are largely available in natural shades, you can dye them to your heart's content or you can try one of the brand's customized shades like the chocolate brown Stassi Bob with caramel chunky highlights.

In addition to the usual black, brown, and blonde lace frontals, Wig Dealer offers a few red options as well. There's the Red Colored Exotic Curly Kelly Bob (deep burgundy unit with 3B curls), the Burgundy Bang Lace Frontal Wig (a bright red wig with lengthy fringe), and other red and burgundy wigs in straight and wavy textures. They even offer protective style lace-fronts for those who just don't want to sit for hours getting faux locs or box braids, and they look so damn realistic.

This store in Bengaluru has a wide variety of merchandise to suit different prices ranges and needs. For those on a lower budget, whether you're simply testing a wig out or only need it for a short period, non-remy human hair wigs are a good call. (Non-remy hair wigs or pieces contain hair from different sources, as opposed to remy hair wigs, which have hair from the same source.) The roots are not aligned in non-remy hair, which means more maintenance to keep it shiny, but keeps the costs down. Wigs Design India also has at-home trials and demos for first-timers.

This Mumbai-based store boasts only Indian virgin hair wigs and toppers, which are known internationally for their lustre and strength. Full cap wigs, tape-on wigs and silk clip-on wigs are available, so you can find one that fits your hair type, need and lifestyle.

If you want to try, customise and then buy wigs in Delhi, you can try Kaba Wig Shop to purchase wigs, wefts and weaves that suit your need. You can get hair treatments like hair fixing (a non-surgical long-term alternative to extensions) as well.

Human hair wigs can be quite expensive, so their synthetic counterpart can give you a similar look at a fraction of the price. This QD-Tizer 28" long wig features 10% human hair and 90% synthetic fibers so there is minimal shedding. You can also use a curling iron up to 350º on the wig.

Those seasoned in the wig game know that most wigs can't just be taken out of the packaging and put on your head. This human hair curly wig from Mengkai can, though! You can show your hairline and edges for a more natural look. The wig is versatile and can be worn both down and in an updo or ponytail.

Cherie Amor is a well-known celebrity hairstylist who is a master at custom wigs, coloring, and installing. Her Elegance of Amor human hair wigs are high quality with minimal shedding and matting. This red ombré style that is dubbed "Ms. Holiday," gives you an edgy look with the orange-red highlights framing your face while keeping it chic with the blunt lob silhouette.

Mermaid hair is a major hair trend that describes two or more pastel or bright hair colors dyed on beach wave hair. If you aren't ready to commit to purple, blue or pink hair no worries. Temper creates high-quality, celebrity-approved, human hair wigs and this one is a dream. Like many wigs, you can choose your length, but the brand goes the extra step and allows you to choose the density of your wig. 041b061a72


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