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About a month ago, I discovered an erroneous address on my Experian credit report and promptly initiated a dispute. Experian's response was not just addressing the disputed address; they removed all addresses from my report. Now, I find myself unable to access my recent credit report. This has left me perplexed and concerned about the possible ramifications.

Despite having an established credit history, it seems I've encountered an unexpected obstacle. I strongly suspect that Experian made an error in deleting an address tied to accounts on my report. My understanding is that they are required to provide a credit report every 30 days, ensuring consumers have up-to-date and accurate information. However, my situation seems to deviate from the norm.

Recently, I've been recommended lawyers who specialize in handling such cases Considering the unusual nature of my situation and the potential impact on my credit standing, I'm seriously contemplating legal action against Experian. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation where disputing an address led to a complete removal of all addresses and a subsequent inability to access the credit report? I'm curious about the potential reasons behind Experian's unusual response and if anyone has insights on how to resolve this issue. Additionally, I'm unsure about the impact this might have on my credit standing. Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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