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American Son [Movie]

The Netflix original movie American Son places this frustration on screen, attempting to lay bare the emotions and sentiments from various sides on the issue of police brutality against the Black community. The film presents no clear answers, never lets up on the intensity, and provides no true comfort. It is not a movie for casual viewing, but aims to make you uncomfortable and affected.

American Son [Movie]

The original movie, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and was nominated for a 2010 foreign language film Oscar. In that pic, the protagonist is sent to a French prison where he becomes a kingpin.

American SonAttribution informationDirector(s)Kenny LeonWriter(s)Christopher Demos-BrownStarringKerry WashingtonSteven PasqualeJeremy JordanProduction informationReleasedNovember 1, 2019Run time90 minutesLanguageEnglishMovies on NetflixAmerican Son is an American drama film based on the acclaimed Broadway play. The movie follows an estranged couple, who reunite in a Florida police station to help find their missing teenage son.

The movie spans over the 4 days he is home and touches on his troubled homelike, friends and new found love. A deeply moving film throughout and from the beginning you become so invested in the young man's character.

Protests in response to racial injustice and police violence have sparked across the nation in recent years, with the latest large-scale demonstrations following the death of George Floyd last year. Many are also turning to movies, television, music and more to provide information, clarity and perhaps even necessary discomfort about the civil unrest and systemic injustices that have been a part of America since its very birth as a nation.

While recording a few songs for the movie Coal Miner's Daughter, in which he played Loretta Lynn's father, Levon Helm and friends just kept the tape rolling. American Son offers ten songs (the single "Blue Moon of Kentucky" b/w "Working in a Coal Mine" offers two more) from those productive sessions. A band of Nashville veterans replaces the superstar lineup of Helm's first two albums. The resulting record has a relaxed groove that kicks in with "Watermelon Time in Georgia" and doesn't let up. The terrific "Hurricane" evokes the Band's second album, while "Violet Eyes" and "China Girl" are highlighted by engaging harmonies. American Son is considered by many to be Levon's best solo album.

What was the Rocky Mountain Fur Company?In the Revenant movie, Henry and his brigade are employed by the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Company. In reality, the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Company did not form until 1830, seven years later. In 1823, the company was named the Henry & Ashley Company and there is a direct chain to the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Company. Henry quit the fur trade in 1824. In 1825, William Ashley took Jedediah Smith on as a partner to creating the Ashley & Smith Company. In 1826, the company was sold to Jedediah Smith, David Jackson and William Sublette forming the Smith Jackson & Sublette Company. And in 1830, the company was sold to Thomas Fitzpatrick, Milton Sublette, Jim Bridger, Henry Fraeb, & Jean Baptiste Gervais forming the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Company. That company dissolved in 1834. See the Fur Trade and Rendezvous of the Green River Valley.

What was the fort in the Revenant and where was it located?The Fort in the Revenant movie is probably a combination of Fort Kiowa and Fort Henry. The film implies the brigade is based out of Fort Kiowa and is returning down river to Fort Kiowa when the grizzly attack occurred. However, near the end the Frenchman arrives and says the man with the canteen was about 15 miles away on the Yellowstone River which better fits Fort Henry. The first Fort Henry was located on the Missouri River at the mouth of the Yellowstone River. The second Fort Henry was located on the Big Horn River at the mouth of the Little Big Horn. Both are at least 400 miles up river from Fort Kiowa which was located near the mouth of the White River. In the real story, the Henry brigade had left Fort Kiowa and was heading up the Grand River and overland to Fort Henry on the Yellowstone to avoid the Arikara village, located a few miles upriver from the mouth of the Grand River. See Map page and Timeline page.

Was there a fight with the Arikara and who were the Ree?Yes. In 1823, the Arikara Indians, often called Ree by the mountain men, had earth lodge villages on the banks of the Missouri River a few miles up river from the mouth of the Grand River. From their location on a big bend the Arikara could control up river travel. In June, 1823 William Ashely camped near the Arikara villages to trade for horses. Before Ashley could leave, a fight ensued with 14 Ashley men killed and 11 wounded. Arikara losses are thought to be 5 to 8. Hugh Glass was wounded in the leg. Once the survivors got to the boats, they drifted down stream to the Grand River and eventually back tracked to Fort Kiowa. They did not abandon the boats as shown in the movie. When Henry arrived from up river, Ashley and Henry decided to send Henry back up the Grand River and over land to Fort Henry to avoid the Arikara. See Arikara Battle for more details. 041b061a72


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