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There are certain requirements you must meet in order to get into dental school. Here are the generalities for most school. But please realize that some schools may change their requirements slightly.

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Most students that apply to dental school also complete a college undergraduate degree. Having a degree is not a requirement, but not having one means your grades and DAT scores must be even more competitive.

You do not have to get a science major to apply. In fact some students have commented that they felt more competitive by setting themselves apart with a different major. They mentioned that a different major made them stand out during interview time. But overall, just make sure you complete all the required classes.

You will need to have a certain number of letter of recommendations to get into dental school. Start picked professors right now to write these letters. Check out my article on dental letters of Recommendation for great techniques on how to get these letters.

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You need to finish all the required classes for the school you are applying to. Usually this is enough classes to get a bachelors in biology or something related. I would suggested reviewing the website of the dental school you want to go to, they will list required courses. Here is a list of the dental schools.

Hey, I have a couple questions I am having some trouble finding the answers to. I hope you can help!1. Is a major required to get into dentistry school?2. If you start college right after highschool (at age 18), what is the average age you will get out of dental school?3. Is it hard to find a job right out of dental school?

Trust me, no one knows what the future will hold. A dentist or hygienists salary could easily change. There are many factors at work that could change a dentists pay, like mid-level providers or socialised medicine. Make sure you really want to be a dentist or hygienists before you start.

i am a senior in high school and planning on becoming a dentist, is going to a community college fr two years to get your basics a good decision? what do do after i get done with all my credits for dentistry?

For most people to get into dental school (in the US), you need to get a B.S. degree. I would suggest getting great grades at your community college and transferring to a University. Then get great grades there and get a B.S. in some science field. During your last 2 years you can start preparing to apply to a dental school

Hey whats going on ben. I am in my second year and i requested leeters of reccomendation from teachersi did good with. I have a problem the teacher emailed be back and said where do i send them to. Does that mean she cant send them to me and am i asking to early? should i tell her to hold off or send them to be with a signature?

This is a specific issue and depends on multiple factors, like what schools you are applying to, and what school you are attending. I would suggest talking with your schools pre-professional office to see how your University manages letters of recommendation.

So right now I am at a junior college, doing my general ed. I am taking some science courses, but I have only taken biology not any chemistry or phisics. I will take physiology next semester and by may I will be able to transfer to a four year university, but I have to say that I am not good in math at all what can I do? In what should I major if i really want to become a dentist? Can I take physics, and chemistry courses at the four year college once a transfered? Or do I need to take them at a junior college? 041b061a72


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