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Where To Buy Mule Tape

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When installing cables, utility workers often have to feed cables through holes in the wall, ductwork, and other spaces which makes it difficult to measure how much cable is needed. Underestimating the length of cable needed will waste materials and increase the installation time. The best way for utility workers and electricians to measure how much cable they need is by using mule tape.

Mule tape helps measure the amount of cable you need for an installation and it can be used to pull the cable through tight spaces. At Divergent Alliance, we supply Neptco mule tape and pulling rope for lineman, utility workers and electricians in Chicago and across the United States. The mule tape rope we provide is sturdy and lightweight and comes in various lengths and pulling strengths.

Using mule tape effectively will help save materials and labor and shorten the installation process. The pulling tape we provide is woven from polyester with low stretch so that it can effectively pull cable. The pulling tape we provide is also marked with footage or meter markings for quick and easy measurements. Mule tape is ideal for installing fiber optic, coaxial, and copper cables without damaging the cables.

Divergent Alliance is your wholesale supplier for any type of mule tape you need. We have mule tape available in different strengths to help suit your purposes. You can call Divergent Alliance at (847) 531-0559 for pricing or get a quote by submitting a contact form. We offer fast-shipping across the United States.

These hand braided mule tape halters provide a gentle feel, yet plenty of strength for secure tying. Featuring a 10' lead that's integrated into the braid for safer use. The flat noseband offers maximum comfort on your horse's face. With 4 colors to choose from - black with blue nose, solid black, black with tan and red nose, and classic All American white with red and blue nose - you won't want to opt for any other halters.

Mule tape is soft yet extremely strong. Each strand of mule tape is rated for 2500 lbs. Unlike traditional rope halters, mule tape halters are very soft on a horses face and will not rub. They are much less lijely to cause cuts or other damage if your horse sits back while tied. They are best used on a respectful, broke horse as they have now pressure points for correction.

Persad noticed the huge amount of money as it passed through the X-ray machine and told Webb, who marked it with tape to identify before it was put onto the plane. Persad later entered the baggage handling area and placed a chunk of the money into a box that he hid in a nearby bathroom.

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