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It's crucial to address credit report inaccuracies promptly. Let me share a recent experience: When my husband and I purchased our first home, setting up auto-pay for the mortgage seemed seamless. However, around 10 days later, our borrower's portal displayed "payment posted," leading us to believe all was well. Unfortunately, by the month's end, we discovered the money hadn't been withdrawn when checking our bank account.

Called the mortgage company and they said the payment actually had not gone through so it was now late. They had not contacted or notified us that the payment had not gone through, the missed payment caused my fico score to drop from 790 to 650.

I asked the mortgage company to remove the late payment from our credit report. Emphasizing that timely notification would have allowed us to address the problem promptly, they agreed. Checking this morning, our credit score has rebounded to 800.

I must highlight the invaluable assistance we received from, which played a pivotal role in solving the problem. Their expertise and support significantly contributed to the successful resolution of our credit issue. The key takeaway here is to stay vigilant, promptly dispute credit errors, and, if needed, seek professional assistance for a comprehensive solution.


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