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Where Can I Buy Pearl Wedding Cake Vodka

UV Cake vodka is described as a white cake flavored vodka. UV also makes a Chocolate Cake flavored vodka. It is made with yellow corn, and water from deep aquifers in Minnesota that is further filtered through reverse osmosis. UV Cake is then distilled four times and filtered with active carbon before all natural ingredients are added for flavoring and it is bottled at 30% alcohol. Read more

where can i buy pearl wedding cake vodka

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Three Olives Cake vodka was introduced in 2011. It is one of 24 flavors Three-O creates in England. It is distilled in England with English winter wheat and water from Lake Vyrnmy in Wales. It is quadruple distilled and triple filtered through charcoal. Artificial flavors are added in Lawrenceburg Indiana where it is bottled at 35% alcohol. Read more

Pinnacle Cake vodka was one of twelve vodka flavors Pinnacle introduced in 2011. Made with French wheat and pure French spring water it is flavored and bottled in Frankfort Kentucky at 35% alcohol. While cake and vodka may not seem like a natural fit, with a dozen vodkas now featuring cake in some form, the market disagrees. Read more

My friends had a ball and so did I. The favorite drink of the night was the Cake Batter Martini. This fun and festive drink was quick and super easy to make. The wedding cake vodka was the perfect element for this martini, by adding just the right amount of flavor and kick to the drink.

First up, nothing gets sillier than flavored vodka. Seriously, have you looked at the vodka section at a BevMo lately? No one needs bubblegum flavored booze and while bacon is awesome, keep it out of my cocktails please. But now, you can have your cake and drink it too! (Sorry, could not resist that pun!) Pearl vodka is releasing a wedding cake flavored variety this September and your drunk uncle you didn't want to invite to your wedding anyway could not be happier! Pearl claims the $12.99 a bottle vodka is "carefully infused with all the enchanting and lush decadence of today's most mouthwatering wedding cakes." First of all, gross. Secondly, super gross. Call me old fashion, but I prefer my vodka out of a skull.

UV Vodka also recently introduced two cake-flavorered vodkas, vanilla and chocolate! Make it a favor by decorating the mini bottles with custom labels by LiquidCourage that match your color scheme. You can also personalize the message to your guests.

This past weekend I made a wedding cake for my friend Bailee. She really wanted a square cake, and one with a quilted fondant effect, neither of which I'd ever done before. I warner her of this fact, but she decided to trust me to pull it off, and stuck with her preferred design. I'm always up for a new cake decorating adventure, too! I've made quite a few wedding cakes and cakes as intricate and large as wedding cakes before, so I mostly knew what I was getting in to, but still, I learned a few things through trial and error during the making of this cake.

2) Don't store sugar in the freezer. So here's what happened. I went and bought a bunch of flour and sugar and supplies to make the wedding cake, and ran out of room in my pantry, so I threw some bags of flour and a 10lb bag of sugar in my chest freezer to store the supplies until I was ready to bake. On baking day, I pulled them out of the freezer. The flour was totally normal (I store flour in the freezer all the time, since I buy 55lb bags of the special imported Caputo 00 pizza flour for use in my wood fired pizza oven). But the sugar? That had mysteriously transformed into a rock hard, completely solid giant sugar cube. Oops. There was absolutely no salvaging it. Doh.

5) The little sugar pearls really added the perfect finishing touch to the quilted fondant. I used vodka to glue them to the fondant, like I usually do, but they definitely looked better when pushed in (and they stuck more easily that way, too). I was using a small paint brush to dab on the vodka, and discovered pretty quickly that using the wrong end of the paintbrush to push a divot in the fondant first made the pearls sit and stick like a charm. It's the little things, man!

3. Using Blue Belle Sterling Pearl, a touch of super pearl and Mona Lisa Elite color, make a custom pearl dust to match your fondant. Place half of your dust in another container and set aside. Add enough vodka to make a wash (think the consistency of 2% milk).

I have been producing and selling luster dusts for 16 years. Luster Dust and Petal dust are two distinct products used in the cake decorating industry. There is no such thing as Luster Petal Dust. Be sure you purchase only luster or super pearl, or pearl dust. Petal dust has a flat finish and will NOT give you the effects you are seeking.

The wedding was two hours from where we live and traveling with this thing was a heart attack waiting to happen. I had to do a lot of praying. Oh, by the way, I have a post about how I travel with cakes.

Hi, I'm so glad you're here! Cake shows up at our most important and happiest moments in life, like birthdays, weddings, baby showers and holidays. It's also for those everyday makes them even better. Put simply, cake just makes us happy! I love trying out new cake flavor combinations and decorating ideas. Have a look around and I bet you can find a cake recipe or tutorial for any of life's big moments and those everyday moments too. Click here if you want to learn moreabout me!

Luster dust (also called petal dust, pearl dust, sparkle dust, or sparkle powder) is a popular product used in cake decorating. Luster dust is a tasteless powder that resembles highly pigmented eye shadow. When sprinkled or brushed onto the outside of cakes, cake pops, and cupcakes, luster dust adds color, iridescence, and sparkle to these decadent treats. Various brands and colors of luster dust are available, and many of these products are labeled as edible or non-toxic, suggesting that they are safe to eat. 041b061a72


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