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Luke Gulyaev

Grand Slam Tenis 2

Player likenesses are generally very good, particularly when it comes to the classic characters like McEnroe and Borg. But there's not enough care in the animations. Sampras' loose-shouldered, almost simian posture while receiving is spot-on, yet his service action is robotic. Indeed, that's a persistent problem - Roddick's whip-crack serve slams down with a ferocity that no other player can match, but it'd be even more satisfying had his technique been properly replicated.

Grand Slam Tenis 2

NGUYEN: Well, for me, I mean, that Serena Williams is the big story - comes in ranked No. 1, hasn't been the top-notch year or, really, historical year that she had in 2015, but still by far and away the No. 1 player in the world. But she's playing for history, chasing Steffi Graf, as she has been for quite some time, going for slam number 23, which would break the record for singles titles in the Open era, and also trying to break a consecutive No. 1 ranking, with 186 consecutive weeks at No. 1. And she's trying to hold on to that top ranking. And she actually is being challenged for it this year.

Amaç: 2011 GrandSlam tenis turnuvalarında (Avustralya açık, Fransa açık, Wimbledon, Amerika açık)tekler kategorisinde şampiyon olan erkek tenisçilerin maç istatistiklerininanalizini yapmaktır.

I have tagged the WP:DAB pages slam and grand slam (as redirected) and assigned them low- and mid-importance respectively. Slam is historically prior but the contrary difference in importance is indicated by the current leads.

Today I completed major revision of the disambiguation Grand Slam where the grand slam in contract bridge is (as it was) featured in the lead sentence although not as a formal primary topic. Mainly I added dates, put subsections in chron order, and revised wording primarily with knowledge acquired as a I located dates.

Along the way I learned that the derivation from contract bridge of "grand slam" as used for the particular comprehensive or great achievement --my words now in the Grand Slam lead-- is respectively mentioned, covered, and featured in the golf, baseball, and (lawn) tennis articles. Where the origin of the term is featured (section Grand slam (tennis)#Origin of the term "Grand Slam"), I have recently added whist, etc, with source "slam" at Online Etymological Dictionary. --P64 (talk) 22:39, 1 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply] 041b061a72


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