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Buy Paw Patrol Cookies

Here's something to bark about! Make sure your party guests roll out in style with PAWsome Paw Patrol cookies made using our Paw Patrol cookie cutter! This cookie cutter is perfect for your next Paw Patrol-themed party! Our Paw Patrol cookie cutters are stamp designed for easy decorating and measure 3-1/4 inches tall, 4 inches wide, they are made of red plastic. Cleaning instructions: hand wash, towel dry. Buy your Paw Patrol cookie cutter today!

buy paw patrol cookies

HOW TO USE IT:The cutters can be used on Fondant or Gum Paste. It is a good idea though to use a little bit of powdered sugar (or flour for cookies) to help the fondant release from the plunger. Using plunger fondant cutters Press down firmly first. Move it gently back and forth to remove the frayed edge.

Cookie has had a rough past. When she was only 1 month old, she lost both her parents in a hit and run by a car being driven by a drunk driver. Heartbroken, Cookie and her sisters wandered the streets all cold and lonely until she was taken in by a little girl named Kara, who loved dogs very much and was an orphan. (Yes my South Park oc is the owner of my paw patrol oc! A crossover!!! I choose to do this ) Kara took care of Cookie behind her drunk foster mother's back without her knowing. Cookie then invited her sisters to stay with her in the foster home. Then one winter day, Cookie saw her owner Kara, six puppies, and A kid named Ryder get stuck in an avalanche. Cookie dug all of them out by herself and because of that, Cookie got herself a job as a snow rescue pup and can get there easily due to a teleportation device in Kara's bedroom that can teleport her from the South Park dimension to the Paw Patrol dimension with ease. Then one day wandering in Adventure bay, Cookie found out that her father was still alive and survived the crash, but then adopted another baby pup named Sprinkles with her becoming Cookie adopted sister But then she found out her dad found a litter of puppies that had no parents so hetook them in as his adopted daughters and sons, so he could avoid the bad memory of his wife's death.

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I think I now understand the Paw Patrol hype because making these cookies made me smile the whole time I was making them! They are soo cute! My favorite is Rocky, the little grey dog with the green hat. Yes I learned their names :) 041b061a72


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