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Luke Gulyaev
Luke Gulyaev

L2 Freia Skachat Server [2021]

With the opening of the new L2 SCARLET Istina 50x server we want to bring a continuation to the Seed of Annihilation area with a new Istina raid and a lot of new quests, level cap increased to 120, new hunting and instance zones, new quests and missions, with a major improvement of the game's graphics and extraordinary stability...

l2 freia skachat server

The Lineage II servers have merged from eight to two and so fewer Clan Halls are available to players. In a past server merge, some unscrupulous characters raced to make the capped bid amount for an auctionable Clan Hall and win a hall. Once they had the Clan Hall, they resold the hall, effectively scalping Clan Halls to those who are in need of a Clan Hall for competitive gameplay. To avoid a repeat of the same issue, the Lineage II team has decided on using a Clan Hall distribution that more fairly allocates the Clan Halls to eligible participants.

Now that the Freya expansion is on live servers, players have the chance to explore exciting new zones, fight in the all-new Freya raid, and acquire the new Maguen pet. Make the most of this update by participating in the Freya Screenshot Contest! By taking screenshots of the new content, you will have a chance to win some fun and useful prizes, and even see your screenshots become Official Lineage II screnshots!

The Ice Queen Freya has arrived on live servers, and she is very happy to be among the players after being dormant in an icey palace for years. The summertime and sunlight are warming Freya's heart and she's feeling generous for the first time in her life! Find Freya in town to see what she has in store for you!

To prepare adventurers for impending danger, Jack Sage is helping out players across Aden by offering daily Vitality buffs! Also, during this time, all players can acquire Newbie Buffs, to help them excel. Elpies From the PastThe Elpies are back! For one week, a plethora of elpies are spawning at certain locations to entice players and offer awesome rewards. Come to the Elpies From the Past GM event to re-discover the parts of Aden you knew as a young adventurer! April Fool's Day and Vesper Weapon Giveaway*Update* New Vesper Weapon Giveaway Event, to take place on all servers. April 26-29 2010.All Lineage II servers have been infected with a bug causing Vesper Weapons to drop at high frequency from various regular monsters all around Aden. Beware any strange side-effects caused by collecting these Vesper Weapons, but please do not be alarmed. We are working on fixing the bug.

Author: NoneClient: InterludeSize: 35MBDescription: Adjusted weapon dynasty, icarus, vesper, freya for Lineage 2 Interlude. Excellent realization of all skills and textures. The weapon looks gorgeous on any server la2. This addition is suitable for any server Lineage2, but we recommend you to useSorry you need to login first to unlock this content

SmartGuard is a client-server antibot protection for the game Lineage 2, it provides additional encryption of traffic between the player and the server preventing spoofing and attempts to modify network packets, protection against all known types of bots and hacking software. 041b061a72


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