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Jhula Bahon Ka: A Soothing Lullaby from Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Doli Sajake Rakhna Songs Movie Download: How to Enjoy the Romantic Bollywood Soundtrack

Are you a fan of Bollywood movies and music? Do you love romantic stories with melodious songs? If yes , then you might want to check out Doli Sajake Rakhna, a 1998 Hindi movie that features a beautiful soundtrack composed by A.R. Rahman. Doli Sajake Rakhna is a romantic drama that revolves around the love story of Inder and Pallavi, who belong to different cultural backgrounds and face many obstacles in their relationship. The movie is directed by Priyadarshan and stars Akshaye Khanna, Jyothika, Anupam Kher, Amrish Puri, and Paresh Rawal in the lead roles.

Doli Sajake Rakhna Songs Movie Download

The movie and its songs have received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, and have become classics in the Bollywood industry. The songs are known for their catchy tunes, soulful lyrics, and varied genres, ranging from love songs to folk songs. The songs also reflect the emotions and situations of the characters, and enhance the overall appeal of the movie.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the Doli Sajake Rakhna songs, and then analyze each song in detail. We will also tell you how to watch Doli Sajake Rakhna movie online for free, so that you can enjoy the romantic Bollywood soundtrack at your convenience. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Doli Sajake Rakhna Songs: A Brief Overview

The music of Doli Sajake Rakhna was composed by the legendary A.R. Rahman, who is widely regarded as one of the most influential and versatile music composers in India. He has won several awards and accolades for his work, including six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, and a Golden Globe Award. He is also known for his fusion of various musical styles and genres, such as classical, folk, pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music.

The songs of Doli Sajake Rakhna were sung by some of the most talented and popular singers in Bollywood, such as Sonu Nigam, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Sadhana Sargam, Hariharan, Srinivas, Udit Narayan, Babul Supriyo, and Vaishali Samant. The lyrics of the songs were written by Mehboob Kotwal, who is also a renowned lyricist and poet. He has penned many hit songs for movies like Bombay, Rangeela, Dil Se.., Lagaan, Swades, and Guru.

The soundtrack of Doli Sajake Rakhna consists of six songs, which are as follows:

Song Name



Bol Sajni Mori Sajni

Sonu Nigam & Kavita Krishnamurthy


Jhula Bahon Ka

Sadhana Sargam & Hariharan


Kissa Hum Likhenge

Anuradha Paudwal & M.G. Sreekumar


Taram Pum Taram Pum

Srinivas & Vaishali Samant


Chal Kehva Re Kheva

Udit Narayan & Babul Supriyo


Doli Sajake Rakhna (Instrumental)

A.R. Rahman


The songs of Doli Sajake Rakhna cover various themes and genres, such as romance, family, friendship, culture, and celebration. The songs are also influenced by different musical traditions and regions of India, such as Gujarat, Rajasthan, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. The songs are rich in melody and harmony, and use various instruments such as flute, sitar, tabla, dholak, santoor, violin, guitar, keyboard, and drums. The songs are also well-choreographed and picturized, and feature the actors in various costumes and locations. The songs of Doli Sajake Rakhna are a treat for the ears and the eyes, and are sure to make you fall in love with the movie and its characters.

Doli Sajake Rakhna Songs: A Detailed Analysis

Now that we have given you a brief overview of the Doli Sajake Rakhna songs, let us dive deeper into each song and explore its meaning, context, expression, and musicality. We will also share some interesting facts and trivia about each song, and give you our opinion on why we like it. So, let's begin with the first song, Bol Sajni Mori Sajni.

Bol Sajni Mori Sajni: The Soulful Love Song

Bol Sajni Mori Sajni is the first song of the movie, and also the most popular and loved one. It is a soulful love song that expresses the feelings of Inder and Pallavi, who are deeply in love with each other, but face many challenges in their relationship. The song is sung by Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy, who have delivered a mesmerizing performance with their melodious voices.

The meaning of the song is "Say, my beloved, my beloved". The song is composed in the raag Yaman Kalyan, which is a classical raag that evokes romance, devotion, and peace. The song has a slow tempo and a soft tone, which creates a soothing and romantic mood. The song uses simple and poetic words to convey the emotions of the lovers, such as "Tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya kahein", which means "What can I say about the state of my heart after meeting you". The song also uses metaphors and similes to describe the beauty and charm of the beloved, such as "Tum ho chaand jaisi bholi", which means "You are innocent like the moon".

The context of the song is that Inder and Pallavi meet at a wedding in Gujarat, where they fall in love at first sight. They exchange glances and smiles, and feel a strong connection. They also dance together at the wedding, and enjoy each other's company. However, they also face some difficulties, as Pallavi's father is against their relationship, and Inder has to leave for Kerala soon. The song captures their joy and sorrow, their hope and fear, their longing and separation.

The musical elements and instruments used in this song are very diverse and harmonious. The song starts with a flute solo, which sets the mood for the song. The flute is then joined by the sitar, which adds a classical touch to the song. The tabla provides the rhythm for the song, while the dholak adds some variation. The violin creates a romantic background for the song, while the guitar adds some modern flavor. The keyboard enhances the melody of the song, while the drums add some energy. The chorus also joins in at some points, creating a chorus effect.

Some interesting facts and trivia about this song are:

  • The song was nominated for several awards, such as Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer (Sonu Nigam), Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist (Mehboob Kotwal), Screen Award for Best Male Playback Singer (Sonu Nigam), Screen Award for Best Lyricist (Mehboob Kotwal), Zee Cine Award for Best Playback Singer - Male (Sonu Nigam), Zee Cine Award for Best Lyricist (Mehboob Kotwal), etc.

  • The song was also featured in an episode of MTV Unplugged Season 6, where Sonu Nigam performed it live with A.R. Rahman on piano.

  • The song was also remixed by DJ Suketu in his album 440 Volts.

We like this song because it is a beautiful and touching love song that makes us feel the emotions of the characters. It is also a musical masterpiece that showcases the talent and creativity of A.R. Rahman and his team. It is one of those songs that never gets old or boring, and always makes us smile. b70169992d


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