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Matures Fuck Kids [BEST]

This is why young kids are like little sociopaths. They cannot conceive of anything in life beyond what is immediately pleasurable or painful for them at any given moment. They cannot feel empathy. They cannot imagine what life is like in your shoes. They just want some fucking ice cream. NOW!

matures fuck kids


As a result, they are psychologically punished for decades, as they live the rest of their life in constant fear of ever fucking up a transactional relationship ever again. And instead of recognizing that the problem is the transactional approach to the world itself, they assume the problem is that it took them so long to do the transactions appropriately.

When puberty ends, growth in height stops. Because their skeletons mature and bone growth stops at an earlier age than normal, kids with precocious puberty that's not treated usually don't reach their full adult height potential. Their early growth spurt may make them initially tall when compared with their peers. But they may stop growing too soon and end up at a shorter height than they would have otherwise.

Going through puberty early also can be hard for kids emotionally and socially. Girls with precocious puberty, for example, may be confused or embarrassed about getting their periods or having enlarged breasts well before any of their peers. They may be treated differently because they look older.

The currently approved hormone treatment is with drugs called LHRH analogs. These synthetic (man-made) hormones block the body's production of the sex hormones that cause early puberty. Positive results usually are seen within a year of starting treatment. LHRH analogs are generally safe and usually cause no side effects in kids.

In girls, breast size may decrease. In boys, the penis and testicles may shrink back to the size expected for their age. Growth in height will also slow down to a rate expected for kids before puberty. A child's behavior usually becomes more age-appropriate too.

Give your child a simple, truthful explanation about what's happening. Explain that these changes are normal for older kids and teens, but that his or her body started developing a little too early. Keep your child informed about treatment and what to expect along the way.

I'm an assistant manager for GameStop and I see parents come in all the time and buy M rated games for their 7-8 year old kids all the time. It's part of my job to ask the parents if they are okay with the content as laid out by the ESRB. 90% of them just brush it off and say "yeah it's fine", however when I mention sexual content, they immediately give me the red flag. My question is where is the dividing line? It's okay for your 8 year old to stab people in the face, blow off their limbs and curse up a storm but if he/she see's a boob, it's time to call in the FCC and the national guard. I just feel like it's either all okay or none of it is. I'm not trying to tell people how to parent their kids (though some could obviously use some direction) I'm just curious as to why this mindset exists. I'm curious to hear your thoughts as well. Where do you stand? Do you let your kids play M rated games before they are legally/emotionally old enough? If you don't have kids yet, will you let them?

As long as the kids parents are responsible for talking the kid into some sense of what hes playing with, Im fine with it. If I had a kid I would let him play almost any game (to a certain degree) but I would do my best to let him know what he is playing is just fiction and be clear about the subjects of said game.

I remember when i was little (N64 generation), any game with gun was out of the question, and any game with a T rating took a lot of convincing to let my parents get me the game. I was 14 when i got my first M rated shooter. I think that M rated games should not be given to 8 yr olds. period. Killing people for fun (even in a video game, because some kids have a hard time diffrenciating between fiction and reality, they could percieve shoooting people as something people do when they get older) should not be associated with ones childhood, give them a game like super smash bros. and have them have fun with their friends, that's what my friends and i did when we were little (still do that) and you can get some pretty good conversations and memories playing those games. Ultimately, it depends on the kid and whether or not the parents think he/she is responsible, or mature enough, to play M rated games.

There are no ratings on games in Ireland, so I haven't really seen this firsthand, but it seems quite stupid to me that they should matter. The world is only getting more and more peaceful as time goes on, and we were much worse as a people in a time when we didn't even have games, so it's quite silly to argue that they are devolving us into some sort of barbaric society. I grew up on games like Grand Theft Auto and Doom, and I'd have no problem letting my kids do the same.

I think every kid has their own maturity. If I have kids I wouldn't start them out on adult games, but as good as a parent you are you have to deal with dumbass kids that were brought up by shit parents influencing your kids.

The thing about kids seeing boobs seems misunderstood. It sounds weird that you don't mind your kid killing virtual people, but freak out when they see boobs, but then think about it this way: If a kid sees a whole bunch of boobs and sex all over the place, then that's going to encourage him even more to go out and do that as soon as possible. It also reinforces the notion that sex before you're ready carries no consequences whatsoever. Couple this with the fact that teenagers are already horny all of the time anyway, and you have yourself a nice little recipe for becoming a grandparent at an age you were never expecting to be. Compare this to killing virtual people - unlike sex, we don't generally have a natural drive to commit mass murder, and it's a lot easier for a kid to separate the consequences of virtual murder from real murder than it is to separate the consequences of fictional sex from actually doing it yourself.

EDIT: But yes, different kids have different levels of maturity at the same ages and all that jazz. I'm certain some ten year olds do exist whom I would let play M rated games. However, most kid's parents these days believe that their child is something akin to a pure mature genius in every respect, so I don't think they could really be a good judge of whether that kid is mature enough or not. They're too biased towards "yes".

I don't think any child under 13 should even be near a rated M game. There's just no point in it, there's plenty of other fun things and games they can play at that point. I believe I played Grand Theft Auto 3 for the first time when I was 11 at a cousin's house and when my grandmother asked if I wanted it I for some reason told her it was too violent. What kid says that? The M isn't a complete standard since there's still a big difference between Mass Effect , Diablo, and God of War. It all depends on the kid but underage kids shouldn't touch a rated M game until the parents think they are ok with their kids virtually murdering people, and preferably they are around 15. All depends on the kid though, like I said I was able to handle GTA3 and 11 and even thought to myself, "wow this is something I shouldn't be playing".

Honestly I played my fair share of M rated games when I was pretty young, the first being Mortal Kombat 3 for the Genesis, and I turned out fine/ I don't have any murderous tendencies or anything like that. Personally though, I don't think kids under 14-15 years old should be playing them. When you're that young should just enjoy being a kid and keep a little bit of your innocence.

I have to agree with what believer258 said up to some point, but I don't think that nudity will enhance sexuality in kids. Children in their pre-teens have very limited or no interest in sex and nudity and similar content has no real effect on them because, to put it in simple terms, they don't really care for that stuff. This subject is unappealing to kids at that age, so the only expression from them might be a giggle or two, or limited disgust. You just have to go back and look at yourself at that age and what you thought of nudity and sex. Later, when children get in their teens, of course, they develop an actual interest in sex as their sexuality also develops, so their view to this starts to differ. But I highly doubt that teens looking for sex scenes go to videogames. Thinking about this subject I can't but to think about myself in that age. For example, I could gain access to porn, but I didn't, because I didn't care. If kids don't want to see it, they won't watch. At least that's how it was with me.

Speaking of violence versus sex... well this comes down to our culture. For reasons I can't explain tearing dudes heads off is acceptable to most, but nudity is not. Why it is like this is a whole another discussion. But to answer the question, if I had kids I would let them play M rated games. You just have to pay attention to your kids and what they are playing, and what content is appropriate for their individual situation. Some mature games are appropriate for them, some not. It depends on each kid. At the same time, I sort of believe that kids won't play stuff that they view as disturbing. If a 10 year old doesn't like gore he won't touch Gears of War. But then again, I have no idea what's it like for an adult to deal with kids, so I like to hear opinions of actual parrents.

I don't have kids, but I do have a niece and nephew who I play games with on occasion. My nephew is 7 now, and also of the two is more interested in games, and I have on occasion let him play Mass Effect with me and shoot some aliens or dudes, or watch as I do so, or let him drive around in GTA 4 but I wouldn't let him watch me use guns in that game, he just knows it as that motorcycle game, because that's what he likes to ride around on, (I also turn the volume down. I'm more worried about him learning swears and that coming back to me, if he were my kid I'd teach him the swears (and he already knows most of 'em anyway) but his parents don't want calls from the teacher or principal). But generally I steer them to something a bit more appropriate. (Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Little Big Planet, Rabbids Go Home, stuff like that) I'm not really afraid of screwing them up, or anything. I just don't want their parents yelling at me. 041b061a72


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