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Skybus Technology Journal Pdf 62l

Demand-responsive transport (DRT), also known as demand-responsive transit, demand-responsive service,[1] Dial-a-Ride[2] transit (sometimes DART),[3] flexible transport services,[4] Microtransit[5] or Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)[5] is a form of shared private or quasi-public transport for groups traveling where vehicles alter their routes each journey based on particular transport demand without using a fixed route or timetabled journeys.[6] These vehicles typically pick-up and drop-off passengers in locations according to passengers needs and can include taxis, buses or other vehicles.[7][8] Passengers can typically summon the service with a mobile phone app or by telephone; telephone is particularly relevant to older users who may not be conversant with technology.[9]

Skybus Technology Journal Pdf 62l

David Carnero of Europe-wide DRT technology company Padam said that successful DRT requires subsidies, must be delivered at scale, and must be part of an integrated, rather than competitive, transport policy.[9]


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