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Political Law Reviewer Ateneo Pdf Download

Political Law Reviewer Ateneo PDF Download

Political law is the branch of public law that deals with the organization and operation of the government, the relations between the state and its citizens, and the relations between the state and other states. It covers topics such as constitutional law, administrative law, international law, human rights, and electoral law.

For law students and bar examinees in the Philippines, political law is one of the most important and challenging subjects to study. It requires a thorough understanding of the principles, doctrines, and jurisprudence that govern the Philippine political system and its interactions with other countries.


One of the ways to prepare for political law exams is to use reviewers or outlines that summarize the main points and cases related to each topic. Reviewers can help students organize their notes, refresh their memory, and test their knowledge.

One of the sources of political law reviewers is the Ateneo de Manila University, one of the leading law schools in the Philippines. The Ateneo Professional Schools Library provides a list of resources on books related to political law from 2015 to 2022. Some of these books are written by Ateneo professors or alumni, while others are from other authors or institutions.

Some examples of political law reviewers from Ateneo are:

  • Naval, Lhem J. (2022). We, the sovereign Filipino people: primer in Philippine political law. 2022 edition. Quezon City: Central Books Supply, Inc.

  • Albano, Ed Vincent S., Ed Vincent A. Albano, Jr. (+), Myla Khristabelle Albano-Pua, Ed Vincent A. Albano, III. (2021). Pre-week reviewer in political law. 2021 edition. Quezon City: Central Book Supply Inc.

  • University of the Philippines (Diliman). Law Center, Glenda T. Litong, editor, Eduardo A. Labitag, co-editor. (2021). Suggested answers to bar examination questions in political law (1997-2018). Quezon City : Information and Publication Division, U.P. Law Complex.

  • Albano, Ed Vincent S. (2020). Political Law Reviewer. Quezon City: CBSI.

  • Cruz, Isagani A. (2020). International Law Reviewer. Quezon City: Central Lawbook Pub. Co.

  • Gatmaytan, Dante B. (2017). More Equal Than Others: Constitutional Law and Politics.

  • Manguera Outline 2010 Constitutional Law I Part 2 Article IX Constitutional Commissions.

Some of these reviewers are available in PDF format online for free download or purchase. For example, Documents and E-books offers a PDF version of Political Law Reviewer (Ateneo).docx, which contains notes and summaries on constitutional law topics such as national territory, citizenship, bill of rights, separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review, etc.

Another example is, which provides a PDF version of OUTLINE REVIEWER IN POLITICAL LAW, which covers topics such as constitutionalism, sovereignty, state immunity, human rights, local government, public officers, accountability of public officers, etc.

These PDF reviewers can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided or by searching for them on the web using keywords such as "political law reviewer ateneo pdf download". However, users should be careful about the quality and accuracy of the information contained in these reviewers, as they may not reflect the latest developments or official positions on political law issues.

Therefore, it is advisable to use these reviewers as supplementary materials only and not as substitutes for primary sources such as textbooks, statutes, cases, commentaries, etc. Users should also verify the sources and citations of these reviewers and check for any errors or inconsistencies.

Political law is a complex and dynamic subject that requires constant updating and analysis. By using political law reviewers from Ateneo or other sources in PDF format online, students and bar examinees can enhance their learning and preparation for political law exams.


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