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Despite efforts by the Saudi government to curtail the scope of male guardianship laws, women who try to flee their families in Saudi Arabia have few good options inside the kingdom. They often are pressured to reconcile with their families, sent to shelters where their movement is restricted or face arrest for disobeying their legal guardian.

The first time masseuse Jin Xiaoying had a male customer at the spa where she worked three years ago, she didn't know where to look. "I was even more awkward than him, and it was also a new experience for him," she recalled.

While male clients represent only 30 to 40 percent of her business, Jin, whose two sisters are also in the industry, said the number has been climbing steadily over the last few years, at the rate of 20 percent annually.

Despite its robust growth during the past decade in China, at an annual rate of about 15 percent, according to an estimate by China Spa Association, it is traditionally dominated by female clients - although that is changing.

Statistics from Banyan Tree, the famous luxury resort known for its exotic Southeast Asia Spa treatment, show that male clients now account for nearly half of its spa appointments at four of its locations in China. Although the numbers are lower than those in European countries, where spa treatments are as common as haircuts for men, Chinese males are quickly catching up, at the speed of 8 to 10 percent every year.

Zhang Taiyu, features editor at ELLE MEN, a fashion magazine tailored for male readers in China and launched by French media conglomerate Hachette Group, has witnessed a similar rise among its readers in cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. But instead of customers' "self-awareness", Zhang thinks it is instead a result of subtle "education" instilled by foreign cosmetic brands.

Unlike the "saturated" female spa market, White said, the male spa market in China is still "an emerging one" and lacks sophistication. This, however, creates a window of opportunity for entrepreneurs. "Essentially, it's a business about looking good. And like the culture of going to the gym and swimming pool in Shanghai, which is already as thriving as that in Hong Kong and London, it will be a lucrative one," said White.

The Chuan Spa owned by the Langham Group, for example, was due to open its biggest spa treatment center in Shanghai's fashion hub, Xintiandi, this month. To ease any anxiety among male customers, White said they will create a unisex environment by using products that "don't feel so cosmetic" and offering a more professional service.

"They are very generous in tipping," said Jin, the veteran spa therapist. "While female customers usually think it's our duty to serve them well, men are easily enchanted and willing to squander big cash as a reward for our services."

Such generosity has also been witnessed at Banyan Tree. The size of its male membership has already surpassed that of its female members, a sales manager from Angsana Spa at Banyan Tree in Shanghai told China Daily.

"Like golf courses and wine cellars, for many nouveau riche in China, it's more an experience of pleasure-seeking and enjoyment," said Zhang, the male magazine editor, who said he was rather surprised to find that there are quite a few 50-something men, who are generally ignored by the skincare market in China, interested in the sector.

In an online blog about an exhibition, "Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography," Phatarawadee Phataranawik has noted that what she called the "not-quite-forgotten masters" of Thai vernacular images included "Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, M. L. Toy Xoomsai, Liang Ewe, Saengjun Limlohakul, Rong Wong-Savun" and, importantly, S. H. Lim, who all "had individual exhibitions at Manit's Kathmandu Photo Gallery off Silom Road." Vivat Pitayaviryakul, S. H. Lim's Thai name, pioneered vernacular photography and shot the Bond girl cover image.2 The "Manit" referred to is Manit Sriwanichpoom, artist, curator, and historian, who assembled the photo show and its show catalog, Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography, which half a world away the poet Padraig Rooney blogged about in 2016, noting that for him the images spoke of fragility and resiliency and what a crap shoot preserving historical evidence is.3 Out of bad weather, deficits like no electricity, for instance, working with volatile chemicals and film stock, the photographers still created female images and then, instead of disappearing into the junk heap of commercial ephemera, Manit preserved the images.

A great study of the Samurai which could be used in your classroom to learn about the 11th century and on. This book has wonderful full colored photos, black and white photos, and much more. You could use this book as your text. It was written by Stephen Turnbull who has his PhD from Leeds University in Japanese religious history. SAMURAI The World of the Warrior, is a great read.

A Day in the Life of China is a photographic book with only small captions. Beautiful done by various photographers. It was published by Collins Publishers in 1989. One or two of the photos are not appropriate for your students (boob shot) but the rest of this 220 page photo opt is. This is great way to bridge the gap of a far away location for your students (if the Olympics have not done it). Hey this may be where our USC China Institute got their idea from. Awe - USC has more words! I almost forgot that each picture has a simple outlined map showing the approximate site where the photo was taken. [Edit by="mstark on Aug 16, 8:50:21 PM"][/Edit][Edit by="mstark on Aug 16, 9:23:59 PM"][/Edit]

Highlights of Beijing This is a none-book-book. Kind of reminds me of a book of large post cards, but it is not. It was distributed by "China National Publications Import & Export Corporation" in 1988. Kind of interesting - This is definitely a tourists book written in both Chinese and English. Lots of photos for your students with captioned information. A small delight for the visual learners (like me).

Kure, Mitsuo Samurai: Arms, Armor, Costume. Edison, New Jersey:Chartwell Books, Inc. 2007Dr. Kure has assembled an amazing number of Japanese costumes relating to the samurai period. Using actual historic apparel and weapons and some very precise reconstructions, he presents a photographic series that is unique and covers dress from Heian Period to the Edo Period. The detail is incredible and, as Dr. Kure mentions in his introduction, he has also tried to make the undergarments as authentic as possible. A couple of the photos show the skull cap wigs that had to be used for an authentic samurai hairdo, but for the most part, the wigs are not noticeable. One of the pluses for the book is that it includes costumes for women as well. Each costume includes a brief description and a line drawing indicating, in Japanese, the name of each part of the ensemble.I like it because the book is coffee-table size and the images are quite large. They are great for PowerPoint presentations and for wall posters.The book is available on Amazon: =s9sdps_c2_14_img1-rfc_g1-frt_g1-3215_g1-3102_p?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=18WTPF0R20DTRP69RYZJ&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=436516001&pf_rd_i=507846. A couple of the reviews on the above link are quite critical and are worth reading. They were not relevant to my purposes, but I found them quite interesting.

I am almost done with Soul Mountain and I wouldn't say I understand it very well on this first reading. I am intrigued by the "wild man" motif that keeps recurring. I don't know if he means anything like the Robert Bly "wild man" mythpoetic tradition but in any case there is much that is mysterious in the book. The narrator often switches from male to female pov or focus and the inclusion of "you" seems powerful as if Whitman inspired. I think I see the fingerprints of Samuel Beckett, the despair, the mundane, the silence...not sure the the writer does live in France now. [Edit by="kspachuk on Jun 17, 10:10:59 PM"][/Edit]

There is an other excellent book about the Sorge spy ring by Chalmers Johnson titled "An Instance of Treason: Ozaki Hotsumi and the Sorge Spy Ring". It has many photos and is very well written by an authority on Japanese history and culture. I know you will enjoy it. I too have found that bit of history very interesting. There are some other books about the Sorge spy ring but their titles escape me at the moment.[Edit by="mwhittemore on May 14, 12:04:25 PM"][/Edit][Edit by="mwhittemore on May 14, 12:05:29 PM"][/Edit] 041b061a72


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