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Konon Eagles
Konon Eagles

Spool Gun For Miller 211 LINK

Makes setup quicker by offering three grooves two for different size solid wire and third for flux-cored wire. Use a 4 or 8 inch spool with the included adapter. Machine can be set up to weld with .24 -.035 inch solid wire and .030 - .045 inch flux-cored wire.

Spool Gun For Miller 211

Miller spool guns feed electrode wire from a spool mounted directly on the guns. This eliminates the need for a wire feeder in the welding setup and reduces wire-feeding problems when welding with aluminum electrode wire. The guns connect to a MIG welder to deliver current to the wire and create an arc between the wire and a metal workpiece. Welding operators use the guns to control the position of the wire during welding.

Norstar Mig spool gun. Miller style. This is a light spool gun. Its rated at 135 amps @ 30% duty cycle. IF YOUR MACHINE IS SPOOL GUN READY then this is a plug and play. We do sell wire harness adaptor kits if you machine is not spool gun ready. Those are $21.99 extra. Please feel free to ask me any questions!! Thanks for looking!Here are some of the select welders that the spool gun works on besides norstars m200! 041b061a72


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