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Konon Eagles

PLC Backup Tools V6 0 436: A Simple and Effective Way to Backup and Restore Your PLC Data

The interest in Polθ as a therapeutic target in cancer has been piqued by a number of observations including synthetic lethal interactions between loss of the POLQ gene and deficiencies in DNA repair-related tumour suppressor genes that control DSB repair/HR, including BRCA1, BRCA2, ATM and FANCD2, observations perhaps best explained by the role TMEJ plays as a backup pathway in the absence of HR7,13,16,17,18. As for the vast majority of cancer-related synthetic lethal effects identified by genetic perturbation, the potential to exploit POLQ/HR-gene synthetic lethal effects have not as yet been realized by the discovery of small molecule inhibitors7. In part at least, this might be due to the perceived complexity in identifying potent and selective inhibitors of DNA polymerases or helicases, as opposed to other drug targets such as protein kinases.

Plc Backup Tools V6 0 436


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