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Detailed guide on how to calculate betting money in football betting when winning - losing

Playing football betting, besides analysis, and placing bets, you also need to know how to calculate football betting money. You will not know whether the bookmaker has paid you the correct amount of bonus or the amount deducted is accurate or not. Therefore, before starting to place bets, make sure you understand daily mirror football tips and fully grasp how to calculate the total betting money!

Knowing how to calculate football betting money is important

We are living in the era of 4.0 so all activities of bookmakers, betting are conducted online. And payment transactions are also completely automatic. And understanding the calculation formula will help:

To check the reliability of a bookmaker: Even though betting at a number 1 reputable bookmaker. But sometimes you still need to compare the winning money with the bookmaker's odds and whether the betting money matches. Because there are still discrepancies that if not checked by yourself, will easily lead to losing a lot of money.

Besides, knowing how to calculate football betting money, we will know the risks of each type of betting. From there, you will know which option is safe and has a higher winning rate.

Detailed instructions on how to calculate football betting money

There are many types of bets in football betting, players need to choose the best type of bet to analyze, place bets. And depending on each type of bet, players will calculate their winning / losing amount. The formulas are not too difficult, they all have their own regulations and instructions. Wintips would like to guide specifically as follows:

How to calculate football betting money for Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap or 1×2 handicap and there will be 2 cases that occur are winning or losing. Therefore, Asian handicap has only 3 options for players to bet with the following calculation formula:

Winning bet money = amount of bet x bookmaker's odds

Winning the entire match: which means winning the entire match, the winner will receive money according to the following formula: Win = Bet * Odds.

Example: The player chooses the 1 * 2 odds for the match Belgium vs Spain, bets 200k for Spain to win, the bookmaker offers odds of 1.53 for this team. Resulting in Spain winning and the player will receive the amount: 200,000 * 1.53 = 253,000.

Losing the entire match: That means losing the entire match, at this time the player will lose all the betting money for that match: Lose = bet

Example: Placing a 1 × 2 bet with 100k for South Korea to win against Japan. The result is Japan winning and the player loses all 100k betting money.

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How to Calculate Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting, also known as handicap betting, requires the bet amount to be based on the odds of each match. In fact, this type of betting differs from others, as even the calculation of wins and losses depends on it. You need to pay attention to these betting tables.

Formula: Original amount = bookmaker odds * bet amount

Full win: Based on this, the amount of winning bets you receive when you win the bet is calculated using the formula: Winning amount = Original amount * winning odds

Example: The bookmaker's original amount is 200,000, and the player predicts correctly with odds of 2.3, then the winning amount is 200,000 x 2.3 = 430,000 dong.

Half win: This means the player wins half of the amount of bookmaker number 1, and the amount of winning bets that the player receives is calculated using the following formula: Winning amount = (Bet odds x Bet) / 2

Example: If we bet 100k for the upper team and the initial odds are 1.53, then when we win half, we have the amount of winnings received: (1.53 + 1) / 2 x 100,000 = 126,500 VND.

Full loss: Something no player wants to happen, similar to the European handicap, if losing the entire match, the player will lose all the money placed with the bookmaker beforehand.

Half loss: If you lose half the amount, then the loss amount is calculated using the same formula as half the winning bet. The amount that the player loses to the bookmaker is calculated using the formula: Loss = (Bet * Odds) / 2

How to Calculate Betting in Over/Under Football Betting

Over/Under betting has a betting method quite similar to Asian handicap. There are also 4 cases: full win, half win, full loss, and half loss. Therefore, you can rely on the formula for calculating Asian football betting to calculate your betting winnings.

How to Calculate Betting in the Case of Refunds

In reputable bookmakers in general, players only get a refund when betting draws. In the European handicap, there is no draw odds so in this case, only the Asian handicap odds and Over/Under bets are considered. If the player's prediction neither loses nor wins, the bet amount will be refunded. This is considered a special case when we choose certain types of bets like giving 1 ball, 2 balls, etc.

Points to Note About Betting Calculation in Football Betting

To calculate the bet amount accurately, the bettor needs to know exactly the odds provided by the bookmaker. Each match and each bookmaker will have different regulations that cannot be universally applied if you participate in different betting sites.

Regarding the calculation formula, all bookmakers are the same. However, we need to distinguish between types of European handicap, Asian handicap, or Over/Under bets to make accurate calculations.

The final note is that you should choose reputable bookmakers when betting on football. Because a reputable bookmaker will never miscalculate or cut the player's winnings. And to be cautious, occasionally you should check the amount of money you receive.

Wintips has just shared with you the formula for calculating football betting. Through this, players can completely calculate their winning bets and check whether the bookmaker is reputable or not. And the important thing is not to forget to regularly access the Wintips website to update and learn from many useful soccer tips sites , experiences, and strategies. Through that, you can increase your chances of winning when participating in football betting!


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