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Buy Oculto Beer Online !!HOT!!

Oculto is a tequila-flavored beer that was launched last year in an attempt to gain market share among Millennials. Mixxtails are cocktail-inspired brews that are 8% ABV and come in the flavors Long Island, Firewalker and Hurricane.

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Oculto is a big hit if you read all the comments here. Perhaps they can make it a seasonal summer spring Brew. It would be great if they took that into consideration. It is a good summertime refreshing beer.

Am so disgusted with AB for taking Occulto off the market. We found the beer in one out-of-the-way small grocery store last January and have been drinking it ever since. While we drink beer, there is no other AB product that we purchase. There was never any advertising for this beer, and yet everyone we shared it with loved it as much as we do. Saved our final 2 bottles for viewing during the eclipse. Sure hope AB gets wise and brings it back.

I work for an AB distributor. I enjoyed Oculto myself but not as much as my grandmother did. When I asked my grandmother what she wanted for Christmas, she said she wanted some Oculto. Not knowing AB fully discontinued it, I thought it was just our company. Give my grandmother her beer back!!!

To create the illuminated bottle, the brand partnered with Inland Packaging to leverage smart label technology featuring printed electronic pathways, paper batteries, micro switches and LED lights using a pressure-sensitive label design. The pressure switch is placed where the thumb naturally falls while holding a beer bottle, and when pressed, the LED lights begin to shine through the eyes of the mask on the front of the bottle for about three to four seconds. The special edition bottle was only available at the event and will be featured at select Oculto events in 2016.

Monterio: Relics of the Night digital activation further brings the personality of the brand to life online. Through geo-targeted prompts, adults 21 and over can participate by scanning the Oculto mask from their bottle and uploading their image to participate ( ).

A pressure switch is present on the bottle, situated where the thumb naturally falls when holding a beer. Once pressure is applied, the LED lights shine through the eyes of the mask design for three to four seconds.

Oculto beer ABV amounts to 6%. It is above-average alcohol content. This tequila-beer compliments the drink with the added nutrition of fruits. With the flavors of sweet-exotic fruits, you can find yourself uncomfortable. It does not give you unhealthy drinking expression with 100% alcoholic mouthfeel. To be honest, I would wish to order it every time I go out for a joyful night.

But, it is noteworthy to mention that Oculto beer discontinued in many regions all over the world. It is because Oculto beer ingredients included agave wheat. Hence, the bartender tells you it is not available, do not feel disheartened. Try ordering one online.

Oculto beer reviews as a fruit lager. It has one of the very rare fruity mouthfeels that is difficult to find in any other branded alcoholic beverages. Apart from the fruity flavor, its calories amount to 180 grams per serving. If you are a customer who prefers low-calorie drink, you may want to try this one. It would change your mind.

Based in San Francisco, Sullivan and his business partner work closely with TBD Advertising in Oregon to come up with a design for each new beer that comes on the shelf. Designing and creating new beers is his favorite thing about making beer, he says.

You might think a brewery with such creative names and crazy cool, fractal-like designs has a whole design team behind them. But that's not the case. The beer-naming and label-designing at Evil Twin Brewing are divided between its two co-founders, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and Martin Justesen.

Kiuchi's been making sake since 1823 -- way before they began brewing beer in 1996. And with distribution routes in over 30 countries and a gold medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards under its belt, it's clear they're darn good at it.

The packaging of their series of Hitachino Nest beers features a distinctive red owl and the brewery's name in gold lettering. The same cartoon-like red owl appears on every rendition of the Hitachino Nest series, making it easy to pick out from the crowd. You'll notice the names of the beers -- and their ingredients -- are also distinctly Japanese: The "Red Rice Ale" uses red rice, a type of ancient Japanese rice; "Nipponia" uses a barley malt and hop from Japan; "Ginger Ale" uses wild-bred mandarin grown near the brewery. The brewery's president Toshiyuki Kuichi says these names and ingredients help attract foreigners' curiosity.

Salt Lake City-based Uinta Brewing first hired The Tenfold Collective, a small design firm based in Colorado, in 2010. Since then, the firm has created plenty of beer labels for the brewery and launched its beautiful new website. The bright color schemes and attention to detail make these labels fun to take a closer look at. Plus, they look a heckuva lot like vintage ski posters, reminiscent of their Utah/Colorado origin.

You probably recognize this one thanks to the iconic pink elephant ... it's Belgium-based Huyghe Brewery's famous Delirium beers. Although the Delirium beers' names are famous now, the folks at Huyghe actually had some trouble getting them on the shelves for a while because of the name. For example, Delerium tremens refers to the shakes that alcoholics get when suffering from withdrawal, which are often accompanied by visions (like pink elephants).

Despite the controversy in the name, this beer managed to become one of the most well-known brands in the world. The name is written in what looks like the Kilkenny font, the pink elephant has become an icon, and the white bottle -- which contrasts interestingly with the dark beer within -- is easily recognizable on a shelf.

Magic Hat is proud of its deep connections with the arts community in its home city of Burlington, Vermont -- even their brewery's bar and shop is called The Artifactory -- so it's no surprise that its packaging is an artistic masterpiece itself. Each beer's label features colorful, trippy, and super detailed illustrations.

But the company doesn't just pair up with famous designers to design their beer labels. Every few years, they hold a "Labels for Libations" design contest to raise m