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Aladin Sharapov
Aladin Sharapov

Gundam Tactics Mobility Fleet 00

During the 2nd generation of TSF development, tactics such as the High-Low Mix were developed, resulting in TSF designs built around exploiting this strategy; examples include the F-15 Eagle/Su-27 Zhuravlik as "heavy" TSFs, and the F-16 Fighting Falcon/MiG-27 Aligatori as "lightweight" TSFs. Numerous 1st generation TSFs also underwent extensive upgrading into 1.5th generation TSFs, their upgrades vastly improving their mobility and evasion capabilities. 1.5th generation TSFs were still constrained by their physical frames, however, and some, like the Type-82 Zuikaku, were unable to reach a level of performance comparable to 2nd generation TSFs of that time.

Gundam Tactics Mobility Fleet 00

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Focusing on high-mobility tactics like those of the other frontline nations, TSFs of the Unified Front of China emphasize mobility and speed over other aspects. UFC TSFs, especially those of the People's Republic of China, have adopted a rounded-head sensor module to feature wider sight range, as well as to provide redundancy for optics failure during high-intensity combat.


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