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Why You Need Mptrim Pro 2.13 Portable: A Portable and Powerful MP3 Editing Software

Having said that, mpTrim also has all kinds of settings and preferences (e.g. mute detection, fade effect, conversion CUE, batch processing, trimming/fading, effects, etc.) that allow you to customize its output in accordance with your requirements. Furthermore, all the user operations (e.g. trimming, converting, etc.) can be performed using the intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. From all these features and more, it can be said that mpTrim is one of the most powerful and easiest to use mp3 editing and trimming tool for Windows and Mac OS.

Mptrim Pro 2.13 Portable

Download Zip:

I have to mention that the free version of mpTrim is worth considering if you want to try out the full editing function of mpTrim. mpTrim is a freeware but has a few limitations. Among them, the best you can do is cut a small number of tracks (2) and trim them. The smaller number of cuts and trims that you can do in free version is very poor compared to the paid version. However, even in the free version, mpTrim still comes with many useful features, such as the fade/fade effect, ID3 tag editing, and the option to merge some tracks.

Overall, the main advantages of mpTrim include the simple and intuitive user interface and the powerful feature of trimming and fade. I think it may be a fairly decent alternative to similar applications like Winamp, iTunes, and SoundRecorder. For the ones who are looking for a simple to use trim function for their MP3 files, mpTrim will be a perfect choice. For the ones who want to take the issue into their hands by performing advanced cuts and trims, it may be too much. However, for the ones who want a reliable and quality solution to trim their MP3 files, mpTrim should be a valid choice.


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