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How To Mod Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Been here since the beggining and have had ideas about the game alot no im not gonna go and turn my career into gaming nor would i if i did ide sell out faster then most with how many designs and games ive thought about over the years dragonball was dragonball when we had the beam struggles and the ability to change the fighting style you have would be helpful aswell eventually the same styles get old very quickly and just are to basic to really feel like its actually good in a way of course not the ability to combo to much i understand that aswell just 3 to 4 combos on someone whos a defense build makes it like a raid boss fight when some people dont even know how the game works or know where to find certain items i still have yet to understand why yall dont add a certain point to where people cant just keep you completely from moving and just nonstop combo you till the very end i get it but whats the point of playing if you cant fight as an equal which is the whole point of dragonball and to finish all this off thank yall for an amazing game i know yallve worked hard for years but i have faith yall will have a way better version of this game next year otherwise i may not even buy it and just stick with kakorot since the fighting mechanics all so much more realistic. Nowthat final point i was making kinda need like way more moves like skills if possible i recommend looking at some of the fan made characters for the mods on xenoverse 2 not saying make them as powerful as they have theres but i do suggest looking at there moves they have quite a bunch for everyones styles and forms

How To Mod Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2


"What if the dragon balls developed a life of their own and become a living thing. I always had that idea of an actual Dragon ball character like Shenron, but without the spikes and the horns etc. So I made one myself." 076b4e4f54


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