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Otrs Appliance Vmware Download For Windows

When you need to quickly deploy a server or test a server-based application, one of the best means of doing so is by using a virtual appliance. A virtual appliance is essentially a prebuilt virtual machine of a configured server that offers any number of features or services. There are virtual appliances for ERP, CRM, file serving, groupware, and just about every type of server you can think of. You can download complete operating systems or powerful services built on top of full-blown server OSes.

Otrs Appliance Vmware Download For Windows


To start this off, I downloaded the WordPress appliance from their site in virtual machine format. I then fired it up in VMware Workstation and saw a nice little surprise... on first boot it downloads and installs all the security updates since the creation of the appliance. Once that was finished I was greeted with a screen that is standard for TurnKey:

I was thinking it would sure be handy if I could just download a vmwarevirtual machine with OTRS 3.0 installed and ready to customize. Wouldn'tthat be a fantastic way to get people to use it? Does this already exist?


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