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[S5E5] The Late Show

Gloria (Sofía Vergara) takes ages to get ready after she came home late from the hairdresser. When she finally comes downstairs, Haley (Sarah Hyland), who is there to babysit Joe, remarks that her earrings aren't big enough, so they both head back upstairs. Jay tries to remain calm about the whole situation and asks Manny (Rico Rodriguez) to tell Gloria to hurry for him. Gloria and Haley come downstairs, but when Gloria needs to go change her lipstick, Jay reaches his breaking point and admonishes her for always being late, as well as rude for making everyone else wait for them. When they arrive at the restaurant, they discover that they are the first ones there and cannot be seated until the whole party is present.

[S5E5] The Late Show


Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) are also late because Cam cannot decide what to wear. When he is finally ready, they realize they've worn the same outfits (again). They ask Alex and Lily to be the judges because neither wants to change. The girls refuse to get involved, so they both agree to change. While Mitch is changing, Cam stalls while trying to figure out what to wear, prompting Mitch to accuse him of manipulating the situation so that, with the shortage of time, he will get to keep his current outfit on.

Clara, John's assistant, informs him that he has dozens of meetings in the diary that he can't cancel. Instead, she suggests turning the trip into a "MEPP," a manipulated event for political purpose, where he can hold two weeks' worth of meetings with attendees in one afternoon.

When Kayce and his family arrive, John's face lights up. The trio are using this small trip as another means to get over the tragic loss of their son. When Clara asks if Kayce is John's youngest son, he replies saying Kayce is his "only son." We've not seen him yet but that's another blow for adopted son Jamie and his late son Lee Dutton.

Their public liaise muddied the waters of the state's case against Market Equities and Jamie tells Sarah what they did was unprofessional. Sarah shows him what she thought of it by taking her clothes off in front of him in his office.

Come for the hot tea, stay for the boiling hot takes. Our Drama After Dark live aftershow was back and better than ever this weekend as Poldark's final season continues! Co-hosts Jackie Bruleigh & Andrea Wolanin joined by The Boston Globe advice columnist & entertainment reporter Meredith Goldstein for recaps, historical perspective, rankings, and all the character relationship analysis you can possibly handle from Episode 5.

Jay has made reservations for the whole family at a new restaurant that he has waited to go to for months. However, everyone seems to be running late: Gloria takes forever to get ready, Claire becomes paranoid about letting Luke stay home alone and Cam and Mitch fight after they both wear the same outfit. Elsewhere, Alex babysits Lily; and Haley spends the night with Manny and Joe.

While Mitchell and Cameron fought over wearing the same shirt and jacket (they had similar ones, they weren't fighting over the EXACT same one), Jay tried his best not to get mad at Gloria for being ridiculously late from the salon and then having to change. To her credit, the dress Jay got her at the store while he was at work (his credit card did) was well worth it. Or maybe it was the scotch Jay downed to calm his frayed nerves while he was waiting. Cameron successfully "guilted" Mitchell into changing, but then Mitch got a water from the refrigerator for the ride and got Cam a soda. A soda that exploded all over his jacket and forced him to change out of it. Cam naturally thought Mitchell shook the can up on purpose. And Lily and Alex were getting tired of playing judge, first to who looked better in the jacket and then whether or not Mitchell shook the can of soda. Of course, Lily was getting it twice as bad because she wanted Alex to play with her dolls and Alex wanted to read Lily Little Women.

Claire made Phil and her late with her incessant line of instructions to Luke, particularly about the difference between a doorbell and a smoke alarm, but also not to order a pizza because all delivery drivers are ex-cons. Her paranoia seemed to work fine, because she called on the way to the restaurant and got no response, so she turned the car around and flew back home, only to get both barrels of Luke's paint gun when he was scared it was the pizza delivery man.

Jay finally broke down and yelled at Gloria for being late. They get to the restaurant and were the first ones there. Of course, since this is a sitcom, they couldn't be seated until their entire party arrived. Which they finally did, and Gloria had to make an "entrance" each time people arrived so they would compliment her on how she looked. They got ready to go to the table, and then Cameron walked out. He and Mitchell took a long time but finally settled their argument, which really started when Cameron was doing too much of the decision-making when it came to the details of their wedding. They go back in and now it was time for Phil to walk out because Claire badgered him left and right about Luke. (They dropped him off with Haley and Manny, who did a great Gladys Knight & the Pips to get Joe asleep). Phil was upset that Claire never even noticed the sharp suit he bought just for her and she apologized for it, saying he looked hot.

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Michael allows all the staff to auction off any item they choose. For his part, Michael has let it be known that he possesses two front-row seats and backstage passes to a Bruce Springsteen show, which generates buzz for the event. Holly decides to auction off a yoga lesson, which Michael is the only one to place a bid for, and Phyllis decides to auction off a hug. Darryl auctions off an opportunity for someone to join him and the rest of the warehouse workers at a bar for beers at that exact moment. Michael tries to make a bid, but Darryl denies his bid, saying it would be a "conflict of interests". Jim makes a bid, and Darryl immediately accepts it and they leave. The auction seems to be a complete failure until CFO David Wallace arrives to help raise money by auctioning off a weekend at his place in Martha's Vineyard.

Meanwhile, Angela and Andy have set a date for their wedding, which upsets Dwight. Phyllis, knowing Dwight's connection with Angela, attempts to console him. She suggests that he give Angela an ultimatum: call off the wedding or lose out on him. Angela ultimately says no to Dwight, so he asks Phyllis for more advice. Phyllis tells him that since she rejected him and his ultimatum that he should move on. Dwight then becomes bitter towards Phyllis, but later realizes she was trying to help, so he shows his appreciation by bidding for her hug in the auction, which he loses to her husband, Bob Vance. The hug actually sells for one thousand dollars, making it the most successful item at the auction.

At the bar, Jim encounters Pam's ex, Roy, who joins him and the warehouse workers for some beers. Jim reveals to Roy that he is engaged to Pam, which Roy congratulates him on, and also mentions that Pam is at art school in New York. He tells Roy about the night before which she spent with friends, to which he responds that Jim was also once her friend, suggesting that Pam may do to Jim what she did to Roy. Jim then decides to drive to New York to visit Pam, but just before getting onto I-80 towards New York turns around because he is not "that guy" and he and Pam are not "that couple".

Throughout the run of Better Call Saul, Kim Wexler and Mike Ehrmantraut have represented two very different paths for our main character. Kim is the path we want Jimmy to stay on; Mike is the path we unfortunately know he will take. Because those paths diverge so wildly, the two characters that represent them have yet to meet through four-and-a-half seasons of the show.

Season five, episode five of Outlander will be released on Starz today (March 15) as Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and his militia continue to build up their solidiers. At the same time, Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) is also set to attempt a dangerous surgery. Ahead of it airing, here is everything fans of the show need to know about streaming the latest episode for free online.

Dawson is continuing to be more adult than the adults, helping his mom cope with the loss of Dada Dawson (I must say, I totally forgot this plot point. My memory of this show is all getting locked in Walmarts and everyone sleeping together and jumping into glimmering bodies of water).

Svengoolie has been the premier horror show icon of Chicago since the late 1970's. He has appeared on a national basis on MeTV since April 2011. Generations of viewers have become fans of the awful jokes and monstrous movies that this video vampire presents every Saturday night.

Life is full of obstacles, but it's the moments in between them that can be worthwhile.Romany Malco took a spin in the director's chair for A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode 5, which saw Rome bonding with Walter, understanding his condition thanks to Sophie and Gina doing whatever she could to help Dustin and Daniella.We also saw Maggie and Gary compromise on their birth plan after some back and forth, but it may be too late for it to happen as planned.The series is bringing barely recognizable faces from the past into the fold for some stories to show how these individuals impacted our characters' lives then and now.During this installment, the surprise came from the woman who hit Eddie and put him in the chair. When we last saw her, Eddie had given up his nice apartment so she and her son could stay there and 041b061a72


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