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[S3E2] From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea

The wood and field scenes were filmed on the Ventura Farms and near Thousand Oaks. [144] [145] This shooting also included helicopter shots of the green area which were cut from the final movie. The scene between Anij and Captain Picard when she stopped the time was filmed at Ventura Farms. (Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Edition))

[S3E2] From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

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  • 201020162019Garfield LoganBeast BoyBeast BoyVital statisticsReal nameGarfield LoganBirth year2002[1]SpeciesMeta-human[2]DesignationD-01[3]Past designationB-19[4]Darkwear iconPhysical descriptionGenderMaleHair colorDark green (red before transformation)Eye colorGreen (blue before transformation)RelationshipsRelativesMarie Logan (mother)

  • Rita Farr (foster mother)[5]

  • Steve Dayton (step-father)

  • M'gann M'orzz (adoptive sister/legal guardian)[6]

  • Conner Kent (adoptive brother-in-law)

  • AffiliationOutsiders

  • The Team (formerly)

  • Doom Patrol (formerly)

  • Powers and abilitiesPowersAnimal shape-shiftingProduction detailsFirst appearance"Image"Voiced byLogan Grove

  • Jason Spisak[7]

  • Greg Cipes[8]

Image gallery (57)Beast Boy (real name Garfield Logan) is the founder/leader of the Outsiders and a former member of the Team and Doom Patrol. He grew up in Qurac on an animal sanctuary with his mother, Marie Logan. He received a blood transfusion of shape-shifted Martian blood from Miss Martian after being injured in an explosion. Initially his eyes became green, and over time so did his body while also acquiring the ability to shape-shift from the transfusion.

Gar's encyclopedic knowledge of the show allowed him to see which parts were from the episode and which parts were M'gann's subconscious. He discerned she really needed forgiveness. Superboy explained the reason they split up, and that he had only more or less forgiven her. In a reenactment of the episode's finale, M'gann asked for forgiveness in a song. With Superboy forgiving her, and asking for her forgiveness in return, they were all freed from her mind.[46]

Dr. Alan Goetz (David Warner), an arrogant and snobbish child psychologist, learns that his radio show is on the verge of cancellation. In an attempt to boost his sagging ratings, he decides to do a series of episodes from the home of regular caller Nora (Zelda Rubinstein), a strange woman who wants help for her deeply disturbed daughter, Felicity.

Washed-up combat photographer Dalton Scott (Roger Daltrey) is told by his boss that he is losing his edge. After visiting his protégé, up-and-coming photographer Isaac "Ike" Forte (Steve Buscemi) for dinner, Dalton grows enamored with Ike's beautiful wife, Bobbi (Lysette Anthony). When Dalton and Ike are sent to Central America alongside a group of mercenaries for an assignment, the former cooks up a deadly scheme to send the latter into a village ravaged by biological weapons, where Ike eventually ends up contracting a virulent disease that causes him to rapidly decay, in an attempt to steal Bobbi from him.

In preparation for the assault, Ventress studied the Kaminoan capital of Tipoca City and determined the exact locations of the Clone DNA room and the clone barracks. On the eve of the attack she contacted Grievous from deep beneath the waves of the Kaminoan oceans to inform the general that she had completed her first phase of the operation and was in position to begin the attack. Unbeknownst to both Confederates, Grievous's transmissions to Ventress had been intercepted by Republic forces, drawing Skywalker, Kenobi, and the clone 501st Legion back to Kamino for its defense.[31]

His sudden reneging on the terms of the duel threw the battle into chaos, in which Ventress was shot in the shoulder by a droid. The remaining Nightsisters attacked the droids, with the Army of the Undead tackling Grievous and narrowly saving Ventress from execution by the general. The Nightsister Luce grabbed the wounded Ventress and began carrying her away from the battle but was fatally shot in the back by droids. Advised by her savior to flee in the face of their impending doom, Ventress limped into the forest while the Army of the Undead and the remaining Nightsisters were wiped out. Grievous ultimately made his way into the Nightsister fortress itself, where he murdered Old Daka and forced Talzin to escape execution by phasing out of the fortress via magic. In the aftermath of the battle, Ventress wandered the Dathomirian wilderness alone and injured until she was confronted by the specter of Mother Talzin, communicating from the realm of spirits. The clan mother informed her that the battle was lost, and although Ventress blamed herself for the eradication of the Nightsisters, Talzin encouraged her to continue her life before again dissipating in a green mist. Devastated, Ventress screamed for Talzin to return but was instead left alone in the forest to forge her own path yet again.[38]

Ventress followed Desh to the Jedi Temple, where he presented her to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and explained that he had recruited the Nightsister to help find and recover Master Vos. Although Skywalker still held deep resentment for Ventress, Kenobi was sympathetic to her relationship with Vos and agreed to take her before the Council with assurance that no reprisal would be enacted for her past crimes. The four of them arrived in the High Council Chamber during a meeting between Jedi Masters Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, and Plo Koon. The five councilors were surprised by Ventress's appearance and all but Yoda quickly rose and reached for their lightsabers. Windu held particular animus towards the former Separatist and declared his intentions to arrest her on the spot, but was stopped from doing so by Kenobi and Yoda.[4]

Ventress, Kenobi, and Skywalker left Coruscant aboard the Banshee and intercepted the Confederacy's fleet. With the ship's powerful cloaking device activated, the three were able to navigate through the Separatist armada and use Ventress's knowledge of Separatist security codes to land in the hangar of Dooku's Providence-class Dreadnought. Ventress, having familiarized herself with the ship during her time under the count, guided the Jedi through the vessel towards the bridge, where they expected to find Vos. The three reached the bridge without being detected but were shocked to find Dooku and not "Admiral Enigma" in command of the dreadnought. Kenobi and Skywalker immediately attacked the Sith Lord and his battle droid guards, but Ventress remained committed to finding Vos. After failing to locate him elsewhere on the bridge, she guarded Kenobi from battle droid attackers while the Jedi Master searched the warship's data logs to locate his lost friend. He discovered that Vos was still being held prisoner in the brig, leading him and Ventress to believe that he had never truly joined Dooku.[4]

The two left Skywalker and Dooku on the bridge and rushed to the brig, where they discovered Vos, who had clearly been tortured and starved during his imprisonment. Kenobi released Vos from his constraints, but Ventress sensed a deep and lingering darkness within her former lover. Although the Jedi prisoner attempted to explain that he had only attacked her on Serenno to fool Dooku into thinking he had joined the dark side, Ventress refused to believe him and instead insisted that she could still sense Vos's hatred and he was irredeemably lost to the dark side. The assertion startled Kenobi, as he sensed no such darkness in his Jedi comrade. His attempts to calm Ventress failed and the Dathomirian attacked her former lover, claiming that he could only be free from the dark side in death. Kenobi jumped to Vos's defense, and the two dueled briefly while the freed prisoner attempted to flee the melee.[4] 041b061a72


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